13 of the weirdest things this plastic surgeon has ever seen/been asked

I've used leeches on nipples that were about to die and almost got lice from a patient..

By Ellie McDonald
Sure, whether it be for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons, we all know someone who may have had plastic surgery. But have you ever asked that person exactly what it was like?
In an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit, self-dubbed America's Holistic Plastic Surgeon Dr Tony Yuon let the Reddit community ask him literally ANYTHING they wanted to know about the last 16 years he has spent in the business.
From people asking for WINGS on their backs to his message to parents who want their young children to have cosmetic surgery, Dr Yuon holds nothing back.
Scroll through our gallery to read some of his strangest moments working as a plastic surgeon - and we're sure you, too, may have also wondered about these wild and wacky questions...