Redneckognise! The at-home ab exercises Mama June does to maintain her 136kg weightloss

Drop (more than half your body weight) and give us 20!

By Ellie McDonald
Remember that time Mama June underwent copious medical procedures to strip back her 208kg frame to just 70kg? Well, apparently it’s not only taken a gastric-band operation and excess skin-trimming that has left her looking svelte-r than ever.
According to her personal trainer, what she does in terms of exercises has helped her keep her weightloss in check post-surgery.

As reported by [Women’s Health](, trainer Kenya Crooks says that Mama June’s get-fit journey began when he asked the mum-of-four what she wanted to improve and “make sexier”.
“I never say ‘What don’t you like about yourself?’ because that’s negative and defeated language,” he says.
“Mama June wanted to lose weight and tone up at the same time, so that was our mission.”
So, where did he start? First up, Kenya says that, either in person or via Skype, he would train with Mama June 2-3 times a week. His go-to workouts?
Three sets of 20 elbow crunches (where you bring your elbows up to your knees), the same for reaching sit-ups, then as many Russian twists with a medicine ball.

Not only that, but Kenya assisted Mama June with her nutrition; sure, a gastric band restricts how much food you consume, but not what you’re actually eating.
Kenya had the once-pie-loving reality TV star eating lean meats, fruit and veggies.

But just because this particular combination of surgery, diet and exercise working for Mama June doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone – or that it is healthy for others.
Be sure to consult your GP, a nutritionist and a personal trainer before embarking on any kind of weightloss journey.