Yummy Mummies’ Lorinska: “Maria’s a show-off!”

With her Versace themed, well, life – OTT Maria is just too much for Lorinska to handle.

Don’t lie, Yummy Mummies has been dominating your water cooler conversations at work all week!

There’s no doubt that after just two episodes, the reality series is causing quite the stir.

While we’ve definitely witnessed some seriously cringeworthy moments watching the mums-to-be – Lorinska Merrington, Rachel Watts, Jane Scandizzo and Maria DiGeronimo – we just can’t seem to look away!

We’re especially obsessed with watching the drama unfold between Lorinska and Maria, with the pair butting bumps over their polar-opposite, designer styles!

Lorinska chatted exclusively to NW to spill the tea on what she really thinks of Maria’s lavish lifestyle.

You and the other Yummy Mummies are glam AF, but Maria is next level, huh?

That’s not my glam. I’m very understated. I don’t say, “Wow! I’ve got a big Versace logo on my shoe!” I feel like it’s too in-my-face- too showy! It’s kind of like you don’t need to prove anything. I do a couple of days work and that’s a big thing to show my baby, that it’s OK to work and to support your family. It’s very different. Chalk and Cheese…

Maria reckons you’re jealous of her. Are you?

Not at all! Like, hand on my heart. In the fridge, all her food’s cut for the day. What the hell?!

So there’s already a fierce feud between you three Melbourne girls and Maria. How did it all start?

Well, [the show] started because I had close girlfriends who happened to be pregnant at the same time, so the producer said, “Ok, let’s put some cameras in.” It was very observational, just with my husband Andrew, and myself, Jane and Rachel. Then we got contacted by Maria… And I suppose that’s when we were all really pumped and excited!

We thought it was nice- women supporting women and helping each other and, you know, girl power, Beyoncé style. Then, really early on the insults started.

Maria and her partner, Carlos Vannini. Credit @MariaDiGeronimo/instagram

Maria did throw some shade at you by making fun of your shoes!

You’re sitting around a table and you go, “Really? I must have heard that wrong.”

It was really weird. This is no competition, we’re all doing our own thing. It was a bit strange, we all just went, “What the?!” [Laughs]

So you were hoping to get along with Maria?

I was the one who was like, “No you’ve gotta see the good in everyone and keep it real!” And then we all went, “This is a little bit fresh, this is different.” We were all having hormonal changes… But you [can’t blame your attitude on] getting your period, because that’s gone!

For more of our exclusive interview with Lorinska, pick up the new issue of NW, on stands now!

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