Yummy Mummies cast plead: "Don't hate us!"

The mums-to-be say you shouldn't judge yet...

By OK! team
The show hasn’t even aired on the Seven Network yet, but more than 23,000 people have already signed a petition to axe reality show Yummy Mummies.
After reigniting the breastfeeding debate by saying doing so in public "is illegal", Mama Maria Digeronimo, 31, has gotten audiences seriously off-side.
But this Adelaide mum isn’t worried, she loves speaking her mind just as much as she loves Burberry.
Yummy Mummy Maria has already got audiences divided.
"Maybe I say things others think but don’t say," Maria tells OK!
"You can’t really judge a story by the chapter you walked in on."
However, it seems her castmates disagree. Melbourne-based Mummies Lorinska, Jane and Rachel are keen to distance themselves from Maria, whom Rachel calls a "fruit loop"."
"I just want people to watch the show and [to] not quickly judge all of us on one person’s opinion," Jane Scandizzo, 34, explains.
"It's disappointing,'" says Rachel of the foursome being the target of trolls.
Mummy Rachel Watts, 36, says she was in total shock after watching the promo.
"There probably was a little bit of disappointment that I played a role in that promo and for me to be pigeon-holed by trolls," she tells OK!
"I’m really open to women not judging other women."
Despite her castmates, Maria claims the comment was heavily edited and is determined to stand firm when it comes to sharing her opinions.
"In the extended promo you see me say, 'breast feeding in public, for me, is illegal' but in the edited statement it’s, 'breast feeding is illegal’, which I know is an inaccurate uneducated statement," she explains.
Yummy Mummies will air on Sunday at 9pm on Channel 7.
Regardless, "It’s just a TV show," Maria points out.
"It’s not an educational tool or professional/medical tool that we are presenting."
"I take on board criticism that I think is valid and I take it on accordingly, but at the end of the day I’m not going to change my true self or my personal opinions for anyone. I am who I am. I am rather opinionated, I like to be real."
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