TV show hosts go makeup-free

Six US Today show personalities stripped off for the cameras on Monday, going sans makeup in order to start a conversation about body image.

The hosts, including the men, discussed with celebrity physician Dr Mehmet Oz what it felt like to be on-air without their usual pre-show beauty treatments and how they felt about their appearance.

The hosts said they felt “naked” and asked viewers to tweet their own makeup-free pics to support the #LoveYourSelfie promotion.

Click through to watch a clip of the anchors going au naturale on air.

“My body? Aging!” Kathie Lee Gifford, 60, said.

Savannah Guthrie, 42: “My body is healthy, thankfully.”

“I have a forehead you could show a drive-in movie on,” Willie Geist, 38, said.

Hoda Kotb, 49, said she “was the kid with the crazy frizzy hair”.

Matt Lauer, 56, on getting older: “The hair thing bothered me”.

“I wore braces for six years,” Tamron Hall, 43, said.

Al Roker, 59, on his biggest body hang-up: “Weight is a big issue”.

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