EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor’s Liz calls Lisa “a grub”

She didn't hold back!
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The Bachelor Australia Liz Duncan isn’t known for being shy – hello, she called Jen’s dress putrid on the first night – but we never expected her to go HAM on Matty’s fave blonde model Lisa Carlton!

After her two-on-one date elimination, Liz reveals she headed straight back to the mansion to have final words with Jen.

Oh, and she spilled the beans on her fellow Bachelorettes, revealing: “Lisa’s a grub – she’s not as innocent as you think she is…”

Come again, Liz? Here are all her juicy revelations.

Were you confident going into the elimination date with Jen?

Look, I wasn’t confident going in to the two-on-one date, not because I was up against Jen, but because it was a 50/50 chance of going.

The odds aren’t great… I just looked at it in a way of a good opportunity to spend some time with him as I hadn’t had any time with him up until now. I thought I’m just going to be the best person I can be, but if he doesn’t feel that that is right, then I’ve had the best time of my life and met so many people. I’m so happy to go home.

Liz tried to win Matty’s heart on the two-on-one date.

The fight with Jen on night one seemed like the catalyst for your demise, do you agree?

It literally wasn’t even a fight. When somebody is a few beverages in and crying, you’re not talking any sense into them…

I tried to clear the air and explain what I meant by what I said, but at the time she wasn’t in the right environment. It didn’t set us up for any rival in the house. I genuinely think there are things about Jen I appreciate. It was purely a misunderstanding.

You didn’t head straight home, though… We didn’t see this on camera, but you were actually there in the kitchen when Jen returned home from the date.

Yeah, and at the time I thought it was brutal of production to have done that.

But I just chucked in the fact that that’s what they’ve got to do. I would’ve been heartbroken to have not said bye to Elise, Alix and Elora.

Liz The Bachelor Australia

Matty chose Jen over Liz.

Who’s your pick for the win?

Alix, Laura, Cobie or Elise.

Not Lisa?

Well, I had Lisa sleeping on top of me in her bunk bed and she’s a grub! She’s not as innocent as you think she is on camera…

How is she a grub?

I’m not telling! She’s definitely got some bad habits… And she stayed with me recently and I can tell you, she hasn’t changed.

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