Bachelor Matty J is disappointed with the girls!

The hunky Bachelor dishes on the girls behaviour in the mansion.

By NW team
We are only four episodes in but we can’t tell if we are watching, The Bachelor or Mean Girls*.
This season’s Bachie babes have got their claws out.
And while we can’t get enough of the D-R-A-M-A, it seems not everyone in the Bachie Mansion is a fan. In fact, the hunky Bachelor himself Matty J is shocked and disappointed after watching the episodes play back.
“Now that the show has ended I feel like I’ve got a very accurate reading of people in the house,” Matty told The Daily Telegraph
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Indeed, Leah Costa and Jen Hawke have already been labelled this season’s villains, often stirring the pot at the cocktail parties.
“I knew there were friendships forming and I knew there were tensions forming between certain people, I just didn’t know the ins and outs. That’s what I am discovering … It’s always disappointing to see a group of people not getting along,” Matty said.
ICYMI, on Thursday nights ep, Cobie snagged some alone time with Matty at the cocktail party even though she already had a rose and this really rubbed Jen the wrong way. Oh-oh!
Plus, Jen wasn’t afraid to let the girls know what she thought, calling Cobie a “hustler”. Ouch!
Cobie ruffled feathers when she stole alone time with Matty at the cocktail party.
What’s more, all the name calling and fighting often occurs when the hunk is out of sight, but Matty got a glimpse into the girl’s competitive sides during the board game date.
The girls couldn’t wait to cream pie each other in the face!
“I was aware that someone could be on their best behaviour in front of me, but then who they were around others would be their true colours,” revealed Matty.
The girls didn't hold back!
Of course, Matty understands how difficult it can be fighting it out for the same person. In fact, he was one of several guys competing for Georgia Love’s heart on The Bachelorette.
“It was tricky at times when you’re competing against each other, in a sense, for the same person, but we were able to put that behind us and just get along,” he said. “But for some reason it’s not as simple for the girls, particularly my season. And I don’t know why that is?”
Hmm, maybe it has something to do with Liz Duncan calling Jen’s dress “putrid” on night one!
But ever the gentleman Matty revealed that, “at the time I had to give people the benefit of the doubt.”

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