The Bachelor’s Elora: “I wanted something that was stronger than just kissing!”

Wow. Just... wow.
The Bachelor's Elora

Things don’t take long at all the heat up on The Bachelor, do they?

Tahitian babe Elora Murger scored the first date with the lovable Matty J last week – but not the first kiss.

And while most thought she was simply playing coy, it turns out it wasn’t her choice to keep it G-rated. In fact, Elora tells NW that she wanted more just a kiss from the Bachie…

Elora and Matty shared the first single date – but didn’t lock lips.

“I like to build up, you know – and I was the first date. I was really comfortable and it was really amazing, and we were cuddling and keeping each other warm and stuff,” she spills.

“But I guess the first kiss is always intimidating. I wanted something that was stronger than just kissing – ‘cos it’s the first date and we are on The Bachelor!”

The Bondi-based PT says she and Matty were both feeling the spark on the date, but unfortunately this time one thing just did not lead to another.

“The first kiss is always intimidating,” says Elora.

“I was really trying to keep my body language, so he wouldn’t like, you know… I wanted him to want more. I wanted him to be more curious [of me] and I wanted him to take me on another date.”

Mystery’s probably not the best strategy on The Bachelor, but you do you, girl… Matty seems to be diggin’ it, anyway…

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