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Has Matty J accidentally revealed the winner of the Bachelor 2017?

If this is true than this is one serious stuff up!

By Holly Royce
Do you really, really want to potentially spoil the ending of the Bachelor 2017?If not, then please stop right now and go and sip some tea - because if this slip up is true, then the owner of Matty J's heart has been revealed.
Matty J has been spotted in a very similar location participating in exactly same activity as the firm favourite to take out the last rose, Laura Byrne.
We're not going to mess you around, let's get straight to it.

Here's Matty's picture

And here's Laura's snap

Yes, the two are tagged in different locations (Queenstown and Perisher respectively), but that could have very easily been staged to throw us off the scent.
Not good enough, sorry guys!
Especially considering there has already been another potential slip up pushing us towards Laura as the winner.

According to the dedicated community who run The Bachelor And Bachelorette Spoiler Forum website, they've found a hidden message in one of women's social media accounts.
Eagle-eyed punters have pointed out Bachelor hopeful and jewellery designer Laura Byrne has given a nod to Matty J in her updated Instagram bio.
In the about me section of her account, Laura claims she's the "Queen of reverse parking", which is indeed a commendable skill to have.
But enter our trusty Sherlock Holmes internet sleuths, who have been quick remind us of an interview MJ did with Popsugar last year ahead of The Bachelorette's premiere.

"Matty just moved back to Sydney after living in London for four years, and finds women who can reverse park with ease particularly attractive," the entertainment website explains in their introduction of the Bondi babe.
Addressing the somewhat crazy theory, a Network Ten spokesperson told Now To Love: "Inaccurate speculation and wild rumours are increasingly synonymous with The Bachelor. This is just another example of that. We look forward to showing viewers the truth about Matty J's journey later this year on TEN."
So, does this mean Laura is Matty's chosen one and they'll reverse park their car off into the distance and live happily ever after?
Only time will tell.