Bachie villain Jen Hawke reveals: "I put on 10kgs in the mansion!"

And it's all because of this delicious snack...

By NW team
Jennifer Hawke is The Bachelor Australia bad-arse babe we all love to hate.
And it turns out she had a sneaky strategy to get the upper-hand on her competition all along.
“I went in there with a plan to sabotage the girls by baking all the time and making them gain weight,” Jen tells NW exclusively.
Hmm, her baking skills are sure to earn her some brownie points with Matty J too!
But, her plan backfired.
“I put on 10kg in the mansion and I have only lost three since filming wrapped,” Jen reveals.
Well, we think she looks pretty darn good!

Jen admits that she made the girls brownies, muffins, cheesecakes and all sorts of goodies, but, what brought her down was every girl’s favourite spread - Nutella.
In fact, Jen admits that she couldn’t get enough of it while she was in the house.
“In the pantry was a 3kg jar of Nutella. And it was a joke that the Nutella would last us three months in the house. I was like, ‘That will last me two weeks.’ And they were like ‘Haha, funny, Jennifer.’ Challenge accepted,” she laughs.
Indeed, she did a good job managing to eat her way through 2.5kg all on her own.
“I did it in about ten days. I stress eat too, so I’d get into the Nutella before a rose ceremony,” she tells NW.
Jen getting some alone time with Matty.
Meanwhile, the 27-year-old also dished on what she really thinks of girl-next-door, Cobie Frost.
“I don’t get the whole Cobie-and-Matty thing,” she says.
“Cobie is a lovely girl but I think she is very immature in her day-to-day mentality when she’s being really cute. It’s just a bit childlike, cutesy and I think Matty wants to find a woman to build a life with, so it’s a bit of an odd pick.”
And, Jen was shocked by Matty’s connection with Elora Murger.
“I didn’t think she was the type of girl he’d go for. I think he was just impressed with the fire."
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