Could a McLeod’s Daughters reboot be in the works?

We’ve been dreaming of this day for SO LONG.
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There’s no denying McLeod’s Daughters was one of our favourite Aussie television shows of all time. And according to some recent social media activity, it seems as if there COULD be a revival in the works.

Michala Banas, who played Kate Manfredi and Simmone Jade Mackinnon who played Stevie Hall, both uploaded the same picture on their Instagram accounts this morning.

Michala and Simmone uploaded a shot of their characters Kate and Stevie, along with Jodi (Rachael Carpani) with the caption “Watch this space…”

Well ladies, consider us WATCHING THIS SPACE LIKE A HAWK.

In the meantime, we are happy to speculate.

Could this mean re-runs of the show will return to Nine Network? Or will the series be picked up by a streaming service (here’s looking at you Stan Australia) for a revival?

We should also point out, the image Michala and Simmone uploaded is not an official promotional image from the show. And we have had no official word on any potential revival activity…

Lisa Chappell, who portrayed Claire McLeod (whose death on the show was traumatic enough to rival that of Patrick’s on Offspring) reflects on the success of the series.

“McLeod’s came along right when Australian drama needed it,” she tells TV WEEK. “The timing was right, as we were this big, very different show about women on the land. It had a big heart. It struck a chord and the audience came with us.”

Perhaps the timing is now right again. We’re certainly ready to see what the team at Drover’s Run are up to now. Bring. It. ON!

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