The most romantic moments from McLeod’s Daughters

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Can you believe it’s been 18 years since McLeod’s Daughters first hit our screens?

The popular Australian drama ran for eight seasons from 2001 to 2009. And while talk of a revival is now off the cards, it doesn’t mean we can’t relive the show’s sweetest moments.

There is also a special meet and greet event in the works for fans of the show at Gungellan Hall in South Australia. More details here.

In the meantime, take a trip down memory lane as we reflect on some of the most romantic moments from the series.

Alberto proposes to Jodi:

The connection between Jodi (Rachael Carpani) and Alberto (Ben Mortley) was almost instantaneous and the couple fell in love quickly. But when Alberto wanted to settle down, Jodi was unsure. So he suggested that Jodi go travelling overseas without him, which she did.

Upon her return to Drover’s Run, Jodi was overcome with sadness as she no longer wanted to be there and blamed Alberto for sending her a ticket to come home. Alberto decided to propose, which Jodi immediately accepted but soon after told Alberto that she couldn’t marry him because Becky (Jessica Napier) was going through a hard time with Brick’s (Fletcher Humphrys) disappearance. But after getting Becky’s blessing, Jodi happily accepted Alberto’s marriage proposal!

Jodi and Alberto’s wedding:

Much like their relationship, the planning of Jodi and Alberto’s wedding didn’t go smoothly! When Jodi started making plans for the day, Alberto soon realised that it was becoming an elaborate affair which would cost Meg (Sonia Todd) a pretty penny. When Jodi realised that her mother intended to sell her jewellery to pay for the wedding, Jodi switched gears and decided that a simple wedding was enough.

Despite all of the initial fuss, the wedding itself turned out to be a lovely event. Jodi was a breathtaking bride and Alberto was blown away when she walked down the aisle. Even though Jodi did get cold feet moments before she said ‘I do’, she went through with the nuptials. But before the marriage certificate could be signed, Jodi bolted and rode a horse right out of the wedding!

Claire and Alex finally get together:

The road to Claire (Lisa Chappell) and Alex (Aaron Jeffery) getting together was a long one, which included Claire convincing Alex that he was the father of her baby when it was actually Peter (Rodger Corser). But the couple finally got their act together in Melbourne, when the pair travelled there for business and took Charlotte with them.

Alex confessed his feelings to Claire, telling her that he had been in love with her since they first met. The couple spent a blissful few days in Melbourne with each other before returning to Drover’s Run very much in love.

Tess and Nick’s Wedding: The McLeod and Ryan clans were finally united when Tess walked down the aisle to marry Nick (Myles Pollard), the man of her dreams. Even the arrival of his monstrous mother could not ruin the special day.

“Lavender was big back then!” Michala Banas recalls of her bridesmaid dress on the series. “It was such a big TV moment when Nick [Myles Pollard] and Tess [Bridie Carter] got married!” See more great McLeod’s Daughter’s moments here.

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McLeod’s Daughters greatest moments

Nick returns from the dead: Nick was thought to have perished in a plane crash. But, months later he turned up very much alive. He had been unconscious in a hospital all along. He then returned to Argentina, taking Tess with him.

Dave admits his love for Kate:

It took Dave (Brett Tucker) a long time to realise he was in love with Kate (Michala Banas. He was about to move to Africa to work in a vet clinic, when a quiz from Kate made him realise that he was in love with her. They ended up moving away together.

Alex and Stevie:

As far as romantic gestures go, flying your girlfriend via helicopter to a field of flowers to tell her, “I don’t ever want us apart again,” is a smooth move.

Alex and Stevie’s Wedding: This relationship had plenty of ups and downs. Even on their wedding day, Alex (Aaron Jeffery) found himself in prison and barely made it to the ceremony on time.

When Stevie (Simmone Jayde McKinnon) and Alex (Aaron Jeffrey) tied the knot, the celebrant summed it up best saying: “It’s about bloody time!” In true McLeod’s Daughters fashion, Stevie arrived to the long-awaited nuptials via horseback!

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