A McLeod’s Daughters reunion is closer than you think

Three McLeod’s Daughters castmates are reuniting in South Australia for a special event.

By Elisa Parry
Rumours of a McLeod’s Daughters have been circulating over the past few weeks.
Fans went into meltdown when cast members Michala Bana, Rachael Carpani and Simone Jade Mackinnon uploaded an image on Instagram of their characters from the show, urging fans to “Watch this space…” in the caption.

Channel Nine later confirmed that they were in talks with the show creator Poise Graeme Evans.
“We are talking to (creator) Posie Graeme Evans about how we could tackle it,” a spokesperson for the network told The Daily Telegraph.
However, while we are thrilled with the news that one of our favourite shows of all time might be coming back, this wasn’t the news that Michala, Rachael and Simone were originally intending to share.
Over the weekend, the girls addressed just how much their previous post had got fans talking in a video on Instagram.

“An innocent post saying ‘watch this space’ had McLeod’s fans talking at a ferocious pace. Is McLeod’s coming back? Is it a reboot? Who will be there? Are they ready to shoot? But that wasn’t our news. Although we wish it were so. We would love to be part again, of such an iconic show.”
They went on to confirm that they would be attending a special meet and greet with fans at Gungellan Hall in South Australia.

“We are all coming together to celebrate a show that will forever reside in our hearts,” wrote Simmone.
“A reunion show is in talks (nothing commissioned or set in stone as yet),” Michala confirmed. “But in the meantime, the three of us are coming from all corners of the world.”
If you’re a McLeod’s Daughters fan, it sounds like this is one event you won’t want to miss!

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