Bride And Prejudice’s Melissa reveals how she suffered a devastating miscarriage

‘We can’t have children’
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Over the course of their six-year relationship, Bride & Prejudice participants Melissa and Aalden have been through a lot. Not only did Aalden cheat on Melissa, but his gambling addiction has caused a rift between him and Melissa’s family.

But the pair faced their toughest challenge yet this year when they suffered their second ectopic pregnancy – a complication in which a fertilised egg attaches outside the uterus.

“It was a big wake-up call,” Melissa, 29, tells TV WEEK.

“I was told I couldn’t have [any more] children. I just had this moment where I just said to him, ‘What are we going to do?’ We could either walk away or push through it. And we decided to push through.”

That said, it hasn’t been easy for either of them.

“It was really hard. I feel like a part of my womanhood has been stripped from me,” Melissa says. “The only way I can conceive is through IVF, but I’m not prepared for that.

Melissa and Aalden.

“I could tell Aalden felt partially responsible too, so we had to have a good chat about how it wasn’t either of our faults. It’s just something that happens,” Melissa says.

Fortunately, the couple are lucky enough to have two children – Mikayla, 11, from Melissa’s previous relationship, and four-year-old Cohen, who was born 18 months into their relationship.

“We’ve made peace with having two,” Melissa says. “I’ve learnt to be grateful for what I do have. There are women out there who can’t and don’t have children. I’ve been blessed with two already.

“There are women out there who can’t and don’t have children. I’ve been blessed with two already.”

As for why Melissa decided to forgive Aalden, 32, for cheating, she says his role as a father played a big part.

“He’s a wonderful father,” she says. “He took Mikayla on as his own. He just loves them. If he wasn’t the father he was, I wouldn’t have considered going back to him.”

The couple just hope Melissa’s mum Jill and sister Rachel will come around to the idea of them marrying.

“The children would play a big part in the wedding,” Melissa reveals. “My dream wedding would be simple, all white, and have beautiful views.”

Bride & Prejudice airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, on Channel Seven.

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