Asher Keddie looks back at her most memorable on-screen roles

The Gold Logie-winning actor takes us through her TV flashbacks.
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You know her as obstetrician and mum Nina Proudman in Offspring. But, Asher Keddie has been a regular on the small and big screens for years.

Here, Asher, 43, revisits some of her favourite roles, and reminisces about her marvellous career to date…

Julia Jackson, Love My Way (2004-2007)

“I loved this show. It was a real turning point for me as an actor. It was the kind of role where I thought, ‘I can do this now – I can actually really dig deep, and be part of creating a really memorable character on TV.’ Julia was just so wonderful to play – challenging, but also so much fun. Dan [Wyllie] and I love acting together. There’s a great rapport and sense of trust. When you have that with an acting partner, you can kind of do anything. A certain relaxation kicks in, and you can really fly with each other. He popped up on Offspring one year. We had a couple of bonkers scenes together and it was hilarious.”

Nina Proudman, Offspring (2010-present)

“It goes without saying [that this is a highlight]. Nina is a character I’ve clearly wanted to keep playing. As an actor, you don’t do that unless you really want to. It’s a big choice in itself – to continue to play a role for seven series – but I’m proud of how the series has evolved. It was really good last year. I’m so glad we kept going, explored new territory and allowed Nina to grow. I hope it was really satisfying for the audience too.”

Ita Buttrose, Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo (2011)

“I remember that magenta blouse! This was a highlight of my career. I enjoyed playing [publishing icon] Ita so much – I have immense respect for her. Again, it was thanks to John Edwards for the opportunity to stretch myself and play an amazing character – not only an amazing character on screen, but someone we revere too. There was pressure, but I enjoyed it. I’ll never forget that.”

Jacinta Burns, Rush (2009) and Kate Ballard, Party Tricks (2014)

Rush was a really good pairing. Rodger [Corser] and I enjoyed ourselves so much, we knew we wanted to work together again. I think John [Edwards, the series creator] had plans too, once he’d seen us together. So, in a way, that’s how Party Tricks came about. We love working together.”

Dr Carol Frost, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

“This was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-me role. But it was a great six weeks, shooting three or four scenes. It was interesting to experience making one of those much bigger films – a ‘mega-movie’. Good fun.”

Liz Cruickshank, UnderBelly: A Tale of Two Cities (2009)

“It was set in the 1970s. I played detective Liz Cruikshank. She was very feisty – she held her own with the boys. It was a very boysie world back then. That was good fun to play – I just ran around. It felt like I was doing an action movie, except wearing cool ’70s clothes.”

Samantha Piper, Stingers (2000-2004)

“I played a heroin addict [her character was a guest role]. I was in my 20s. That shot is with Kate Kendall [who played Angie Piper]. Stingers had some pretty full-on guesties, back then. I think it was three or four episodes – I can’t remember [it was seven]. Did I die? No, I don’t think I did – I think I recovered.”

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