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Why The Voice’s Jesse Teinaki is the reality TV heartthrob we need right now

Where was this guy when MAFS was on?
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Australian reality TV viewers have become so used to scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to nice, normal male contestants, but a handsome new singer on The Voice has just changed that completely.

The show’s resident heartthrob Jesse Teinaki has wowed viewers with his undeniable good looks and his good-guy personality, but it was a post he put up on Instagram today – an amazing tribute to one of his co-stars and an incredibly honest confession about his own family’s health battles – that proved exactly why he is one of the show’s most loved contestants this season.

On Monday night Jesse battled it out against his fellow Team Delta star Natasha Stuart, who has been super open about her struggle with cancer.

Natasha has just finished 20 weeks of chemo to treat breast cancer and she’s still going through a range of other treatments, but she’s stuck it out this season in the hope of fulfilling her music dream.

Jesse and Natasha took each other on in the Battle Round, singing their version of Calvin Harris’ hit Giant, but it was Natasha who won the battle with her soaring vocals.

Ever the gentleman, Jesse was far from bitter about his loss, taking to Instagram afterwards to praise the 42-year-old for her stellar performance.

“I need to address this straight up. Last night’s Battle on @thevoiceau with @natashastuart was HUGE for me,” Jesse wrote to his 20,000 Instagram followers. ⠀


“I don’t even know where to begin with this woman, seriously.. I don’t think you all realise how big this is/was. Look, I currently have a family (that was & is) riddled with cancer & my mum (thankfully) beat breast cancer herself as well as my aunt … I know the drill.. I know how f—ing gruelling this process is, how much strength is required, how challenging each day is,” he confessed.

“For Tash to be where she is, facing all those personal challenges, taking them head on & beating them is MASSIVE in itself. Props for this alone girl ✊🏼


“But to then, on top of all that, go ahead and shine this damn brightly on one of Australia’s biggest stages.. are you kidding me!? Only a few days away from surgery & pulls off one of my favourite performances I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of – INSANE ✊🏼🔥”.

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Jesse and Natasha share a moment during the Battle Round.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

“If we’re both not shining, what’s the point of being here?” Jesse said, and our hearts melted.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Viewers weren’t shy about expressing their love for Jesse on social media, saying the moment proved just how amazing the young singer-songwriter is.

“Shows how beautiful Jesse’s soul is and how he honestly cares about building people up to be their best self. A true talent, we need more artists like Jesse in the music industry!” one woman wrote, while another called him an “exemplary human.”

Others said, “Whoever raised you would be so proud” and called Jesse the”ultimate kind-hearted soul.”

WATCH BELOW: Jesse and Natasha sing Calvin Harris’ hit single Giant. Story continues after video.

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Sadly, Jesse wasn’t chosen as the Wild Card on Tuesday night and didn’t make it through, meaning this is the last of him we’ll be seeing on our TV screens – for now.

But don’t worry, you can still follow Jesse on Instagram here to keep up with his adventures and watch his amazing singing clips.

The Voice Australia airs at 7.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays and at 7pm on Sundays on Channel Nine.

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