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The teams are formed! Meet The Voice 2023 contestants

Jason, Rita, Guy and Jessica's final picks.
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After the judges’ fights, overwhelming emotions and amazing auditions, the blind auditions are over and the teams for The Voice Australia are set.

This season will not disappoint thanks to the judge’s passion for their team members, the next rounds are not going to be easy!

This season welcomed a brand new judge, chart-topping singer Jason Derulo.

The other three returning judges, singer and actress who’s become a household name Rita Ora, Australia’s talented sweetheart Jess Mauboy and gifted singer-songwriter Guy Sebastian.

Here’s who they’ve chosen for their teams:

Jason Derulo’s Team

Meet Jason’s team for 2023.

(Credit: Seven)

Jason Derulo could be arguably one of the most successful judges that have stepped on The Voice Australia.

His stage presence and chart-topping songs have won over fans all over the globe, bringing an international industry view to the show.

Team Jason:

  • Christian Ellis, 20, QLD

  • Calista Nelmes, 24, NSW

  • Ethan Beckton, 18, NSW

  • Callum Warrender, 28, VIC

  • Maree Mamalis, 17, VIC

  • Charlette Ginu, 20, NSW

  • Eitenne Steven, 19, QLD

  • Andrew Taylor Knight, 24, NSW

  • Caitlyn Bamber, 16, WA

  • Tee & Raye, 33, VIC AND NSW

  • Alex Jeans, 30, NSW

  • Jade Talbot, 25, VIC

Rita Ora’s Team

Meet Rita’s team for 2023.

(Credit: Seven)

It’s not her first rodeo and Rita has made it clear she is here to win.

She’s worked hard to be a world-renowned singer and actress and will push her team to their limits in order to be the best they can be! Can she coach any of her team to the finals?

Team Rita:

  • Nick Cunningham, 31, QLD

  • Elsa Marilyn, 17, NSW

  • Nyree Huyser, 37, NSW

  • Brenda Bressed, 24, VIC

  • Gezel Bardossi, 12, NSW

  • Levi X, 15, QLD

  • Tarryn Stokes, 40, VIC

  • Ben Esber, 22, NSW

  • Cruize Karaitania, 32, QLD

  • Sihana Haxhnikaj, 16, NSW

  • Gabby Asta, 22, VIC

  • Emily Kate, 18, NSW

Jessica Mauboy’s Team

Meet Jess’ team for 2023.

(Credit: Seven)

Jess Mauboy is the heart and soul of modern Australian music and her infectious charisma makes her a fan favourite of the show.

Her inspiring story resonates with many Australians and she makes an effort to look after and support her team while mentoring them.

Team Jess:

  • Shyhana, 24, NSW

  • Ezra Williams, 28, NSW

  • Giaan Jordan, 17, QLD

  • Sean Millis, 22, VIC

  • Jade Taunton, 23, WA

  • David Aumua, 24, QLD

  • The Bushwackers, NSW

  • Tiarose Burgess, 20, NSW

  • Nenah Jones, 18, VIC

  • Dillon Rhodes, 33, NZ

  • Dan Daniels, 58, VIC

  • Trisha Godinet, 31, NSW

Guy Sebastian’s Team

Meet Guy’s team for 2023.

(Credit: Seven)

He knows how The Voice Australia works and is not here to play games.

He showed his technical expertise in the blind rounds and he’s sympathetic with contestants as he first entered the industry when he won season 1 of Australian Idol in 2003.

Team Guy:

  • Robbie Hunt, 18, NSW

  • Libby Worboys, 19, NSW

  • Shanae Watson, 21, VIC

  • Charlie Pittman, 25, NSW

  • Jaydean Miranda, 29, VIC

  • Maz Green, 26, VIC

  • Jaxon Cornell, 23, VIC

  • Bella Mackenzie, 18, QLD

  • Elly Poletti, 32, VIC

  • Michaela Jayde, 35, VIC

  • Overnight, 18-19, NSW

  • Marley Sola, 27, NZ

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