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Spoiler alert! It looks like The Block 2022 winner has already been leaked

Tools down - the secret's out.
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Blockheads are leaving no stone unturned as they watch the latest season of the renovation show, observing closely as a brand new batch of contestants build a 500-square metre house, each to varying levels of success.

The 18th season – dubbed The Block: Tree Change – saw one couple pack their bags and leave the competition just days in, forcing Nine to replace the influencers with two new budding builders.

Who will take out The Block this season?

(Image: Nine)

So, out of the remaining contestants, who is poised to win the season?

Well, while we haven’t reached auction day just yet, fans are already convinced they know who will build the most desirable house for 2022.

Fans think Rachel and Ryan are poised to win.

(Image: Nine)

Flocking to the betting sites Sportsbet and TAB, which have been predicting the winners of reality shows for years, Blockheads have placed winning odds on one couple in particular.

On both sites, Tom and Sarah-Jayne were listed as the predicted winners, with odds of $2.00 on both Sportsbet and TAB.

WATCH: Scotty Cam to build his own house on The Block. Article continues after video

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It’s an interesting turn of events since both sites listed Ryan and Rachel as the predicted winners just weeks ago.

Sportsbet listed Omar and Oz second with odds at $3.75 and Ryan and Rachel coming close behind them with odds sitting at $5.00. Meanwhile, TAB predicts Rachel and Ryan will come runner-up with odds of $3.50 and predict Omar and Oz will come in third with odds currently sitting at $5.

Both sites had listed Dylan and Jenny as coming in fourth and Ankur and Sharon as coming last.

When the show was first released, fans believed Dylan and Jenny were going to be the ones to beat with their building experience. However, they have been bumped out of the top spot on both sites.

However, in a surprising twist, Omar and Oz have jumped up to first place, with odds of $1.33 on Sportbet just hours out from the finale. Sportsbet now lists, Tom and Sarah-Jane as coming second with odds sitting at $6.00, and Ryan and Rachel coming third with odds sitting at $10.00. Both sites have listed Dylan and Jenny as coming in fourth and Ankur and Sharon as coming last.

Have fans got it right?

(Image: Nine)

“My dad is a builder and I have grown up watching him,” Dylan told Nine. “Now that I’m a builder it felt natural to apply for The Block as it’s something I have always wanted to challenge myself with.”

Jenny is also a tradie who wants to show young girls that the building industry isn’t just for men.

“When I tell people I am doing my apprenticeship they always say you don’t build, you don’t do anything. But I do – I do everything,” she said.

The stars are also engaged and hoping to wed in March next year, while also building their “dream home in Palm Beach”.

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