Fans are convinced they know who wins Beauty and the Geek Australia for 2022

The ending's been leaked.

By Catie Powers
The finale of Beauty and the Geek is not until tonight, but it appears the winning couple may have already been leaked.
This year, 10 beauties and 10 geeks - from a martial arts ninja, a crypto trader, a professional mermaid, and more - braved the reality TV world to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery, with the goal to be the last one standing and win $100,000 in prize money.
So who will reign supreme? Fans are convinced they have the answer.
Who will win this season of BATG? (Image: Nine)
Flocking to the betting sites Sportsbet and TAB, dedicated BATG viewers have placed their bets on who they think will take out first place when the show wraps up.
Currently in top spot on both sites are loveable pair Aaron and Karly, with odds of $1.22 on Sportsbet and $1.15 and $1.13 respectively on TAB.
Hairdresser Karly has brought train driver Aaron well and truly out of his shell in a significant way, helping build his confidence with each passing episode.
And with the train fanatic also helping Karly with her self-worth, the pair never fail to bring out the best in each other.
"Always blessed to have @karllyfisher by my side through this. Thank you for having my back and pushing me to be my very best ❤️," the geek wrote on Instagram.
Currently, Aaron and Karly are predicted to win on Sportsbet and TAB. (Image: Nine)
Fans have also placed their bets for second and third place.
Currently in the predicted runner-up position on both sites are Harry Potter fanatic Anthony and dancer Tegan, with odds of $5 on Sportsbet and $7 on TAB.
Anthony was the brave geek who asked Tegan on the season's first ever date and, despite being up for elimination multiple times, they have managed to avoid being sent home and strengthened their bond in the process.
Meanwhile, in third place are ex NRL cheerleader Bri and international Yu-Gi-Oh! Champion Chris with odds of $10 on Sportsbet and $8 on TAB.
WATCH: Chris's makeover on Beauty and The Geek 2022. Article continues after video
This pair have grown a lot since the beginning of the competition and are constantly crediting each other on their Instagrams.
Following Chris' makeover, Bri jokingly penned that he'd gone from Mick Jagger to Justin Bieber after his drastic haircut.
"I can't believe this! You look incredible! We loved you the way you were but your life has just begun & boy I know you'll move mountains! I'm so lucky to have you as a partner throughout this experience! I can't wait for Australia to see the real Chris come to life! I'm so proud of you & everything you have achieved so far I couldn't do this without you!"
The new Biebs also shared his love for his beauty, writing: "Can't overstate how much I appreciate @bri.auty 's incredible strength as a partner AND competitor, she's amazing and as a team we're a force to be reckoned with. Bring it on!"
Last year, the winning couple was Lachlan and Kiera.
Last year, the winning couple was Lachlan and Kiera. (Image: Nine)
Following a Magic Mike dance challenge and an emotional pitch, the pair received the most votes from the eliminated contestants and were crowned winners.
"I'd forgotten — or maybe I'd never realised — what it's like to be loved, and have someone genuinely care about me. But now I know what it feels like to be treated properly, to be treated the way I deserve, to know I am good enough," a choked up Lachlan said in the final episode.
"Knowing that I will never settle for second best ever again, and I will never accept treatment that is anything less than what I deserve because thanks to Kiera, I know what it's like to have someone who brings out the best in me."
So, have fans got this years' winner right? We'll have to wait and see.
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