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Mitch and Mark are crowned the 2021 winners of The Block, bringing the nail-biting Fans Vs Faves season to an end

The Sydney favourites take out the top prize in a nail-biting grand finale.

By Tina Burke
Mitch and Mark have been crowned winners of The Block: Fans v Faves.
There were hugs all around as the Blockheads took home a combined total of $2,271,968 in prize money, with all five houses selling above the reserve.
After first meeting Mitch and Mark on the 2019 season of The Block, fans fell for the stylish Sydney-based granddads. They came in at fifth place on their first season, walking away with an impressive $384,000 in prize money. Tonight, they almost doubled that figure.
Mitch and Mark were victorious on auction day. Nine Network
Their place – also known as House 2 - was the second to hit the market on auction day, selling for an impressive $4,044,444.
The initial reserve for the house was set at $3.5 million, but was reduced to $3.4 million when host Scott Cam spoke to concerned real estate agents.
This means Mitch and Mark made $644,444.44 prize money beyond the reserve, adding on the $100,000 bonus for winning the series and they're walking away with $744,444.
"We never had expectations or even hopes for that amount," Mitch says of their win. "This changes our lives as we've got a mortgage that we can't jump over, but with this prize we can take a great leap at it now."
Mark adds: "I think we're in shock as we stuck to our guns about what we thought a family home was about and it was a big risk."
The guys were suitably dressed for the occasion, ready to celebrate their impressive win in vibrant ensembles.
Mitch and Mark celebrate their major win. Nine Network
Mitch and Mark's cottage-style, three-bedroom family home was second on the roster for the auction order.
The decision was made by fellow Block vets Ronnie and Georgia, who ultimately chose to put their luxury four-bedroom home first to give their fellow contestants the best chance for a successful auction result. Their decision jeopardised their chances of winning, but brought all the Blockheads together on the nerve-wracking day.
The couple's home sold for $3,696,000 – netting them a $296,000 profit over their reserve and placing them fifth.
"Ronnie and Georgia went first for the benefit of everyone, and then came last. The funny thing is that Mitch and Mark went first in The Oslo, and they came last in that season. These two selfless acts are really what is The Block is all about," said host Scott Cam.
Ronnie and Georgia were last - but they certainly walked away feeling like winners! Nine Network
Following on from Mitch and Mark, Tanya and Vito's mid-century home sold for $3,800,000, securing them a profit of $400,000. Their place was bought by Melbourne philanthropist Danny Wallis, who plans to donate the home to My Room Children's Cancer Charity.
While twin brothers Josh and Luke came in at second place, splitting $530,000 in prize money after selling their contemporary four-bedder for $3.93 million.
The Blockheads all have something to celebrate tonight! Nine Network
Last but not least, country couple Kirsty and Jesse sat through a slow auction as their double-story Hamptons abode went under the hammer. Again, Danny Wallis pulled through and purchased the property for $4,401,523.67, which was $301,523.67 above their reserve price.
Congratulations to all the teams on their impressive results. Up next, The Block moves to the countryside in 2022.
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