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Drugs, sex and top-to-toe bunk sharing: Secrets from inside the Bachelorette mansion!

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There’s been plenty of bombshells this season as Gogglebox beauty Angie Kent tries to find her perfect match. But turns out the secrets and drama behind the scenes are even juicer…

Angie’s looking for love this season on The Bachelorette.

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Food rations

While initially the Bachelors had a $2000-a-day allowance that they could spend on food, furious producers capped their spending when the gym-honed boys started wolfing down way too many of the meals and blew the budget on expensive protein powders. They were then forced to live on frozen dinners and two-minute noodles.

The Bachelors’ food budget was cut off after they wolfed down too much food.

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Lone wolf

Ryan Anderson, 32, might have won over Angie, 29, and fans of the show, but our insider says he became alienated from the boys, who branded him moody and spoilt!

Ryan (pictured) wasn’t making a whole lot of friends in the mansion.

(Image: @aussiedogguy/ Instagram)

Bed sharing

While the boys vied for Angie Kent’s affections in the day, they would go to bed with someone else each night – one another! Our insider says space was at such a premium the Bachelors had to sleep top-to-toe in bunk beds in the mansion.

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$100K payday

At the start of filming, producers told the guys if they won Angie’s heart and their relationship went the distance, they could score a huge payday! They promised to pay $100,000 if the couple were together for two years and got engaged – and said they could earn even more if the proposal was on TV.

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TV gigs galores

Our insider says Jamie Doran, 39, and Timm Hanly, 27, have both been promised gigs on Bachelor In Paradise and even a spot on Gogglebox if they keep up the drama!

Timm (pictured with Angie) and Jamie were promised TV gigs if they kept things interesting on the show.

(Image: Network Ten)

Pill popping!

The boys got into one of the Bachelor’s prescribed valium stash on the third rose ceremony. Mixing the drug with alcohol proved too much for the lads who could hardly stand up straight, let alone receive a rose from Angie. Production had to be halted and furious producers threatened legal action after they had to pay the crew thousands of dollars in overtime.

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Ciarran & Renee: It’s on!

While frontrunner Ciarran Stott had to leave last week due to his grandmother’s tragic passing, it appears the fan fave will still have someone comforting him when he returns home – his girlfriend, former Bachelor star Renee Barrett! In fact, the pair are now living together in Darwin.

Ciarran (left) and girlfriend Renee (right).

(Image: Network Ten)

Not-so glam!

Looks like ball gowns and hair and makeup isn’t enough for some guys, who were reportedly less than impressed by Angie’s appearance on the first night in the mansion.

Many were “grossed out” by her chipped white toenail polish. Hey, we’d like to see their nails!

Brazilian beauty

The Bachelors were smitten with a certain sexy Brazilian waitress inside the mansion, with one of them sending her a message on Instagram to ask her out!

Wandering eyes!

Although he claimed he was in the house for the right reasons, BMX pro Matt Whyatt told the boys he would “find it hard to stay faithful” to Angie while on tour.

Is Matt in the house for the right reasons?

(Image: @mattwhyatt/ Instagram)

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