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After the pandemic destroyed the gig economy, busker Tanya George decided The Voice was going to be her big break

''I think Australia is just dying now with what they’ve just seen.''
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Since Tanya George was a young girl, she has loved to sing, but chasing her dream has been full of challenges.

And now, the performer is attempting to get her big break on The Voice.

Tanya is a loop artist and busker from St Kilda in Melbourne, but the pandemic has been a major blow for the artist, who hasn’t been able to busk for the past 18 months.

Tanya performed Florence and the Machine’s You’ve Got the Love for The Voice judges.

(Credit: Instagram)

For her audition on The Voice, the 27-year-old performed Florence and the Machine’s You’ve Got the Love with her trusty loop machine in tow.

Her impact was felt before she even sang a single note, which caused Rita Ora and Keith Urban to turn their chairs immediately.

The remaining judges Jessica Mauboy and Guy Sebastian soon followed once Tanya began singing.

A stunned Keith told her, “If I could spin again, I would spin again!”

And Jess excitedly shared, “I think Australia is just dying now with what they’ve just seen.”

It’s fair to say that Tanya smashed her audition, and with four judges up for grabs, she decided Rita Ora would be her mentor.

But who is the woman who stunned the judges with her unique sound and captivating stage presence?

Her performance drew the praise of all four judges.

(Credit: Instagram)

How long has Tanya George been singing for?

If you’re a connoisseur of iconic Aussie commercials, then you may remember Tanya’s voice from the iconic Qantas TV adverts, I Still Call Australia Home.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, she spoke about finding her love for music at a young age and consequentially annoying her parents.

“I drove my mum and dad crazy singing around the house all the time, but I’ve never looked back.”

Her music career began when she signed up for the Australian Girls Choir when she was five, and she continued performing with the institution until she was 11.

Tanya decided to give The Voice a go because of how hard the gig economy has been hit thanks to the pandemic.

“I’m feeling confident,” she told the publication. “2020 and 2021 have affected so many musicians. I feel it’s the right time.”

Tanya’s newest single has been a great success.

(Credit: Instagram)

Has Tanya George released music?

Tanya released her first EP called Normality in 2020, which she was able to put out after she won the Alex Legg Memorial Foundation Award for the best emerging artist.

In her celebratory Instagram post, she wrote about how the award changed her life.

She penned, “I am humbled to receive the Alex Legg Memorial Foundation Award as an emerging artist who is onto something.”

“The award money went towards finally releasing my brand new 6 track EP Normality, which is online everywhere.”

Tanya out busking in Melbourne.

(Credit: Instagram)

“I’ve got more coming, and I have remained resilient through this COVID19 pandemic.”

In July 2021, Tanya released her newest single called Can’t Do Anything Right onto her Spotify, and it became a poignant record for the artist.

It was featured on Triple J, it was added to Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, and as of today, it’s been streamed 17, 530 times.

In an emotional Instagram post, Tanya explained how difficult her journey has been and that her hard work wouldn’t have paid off without her supporters.

“I never had the right support in my life up until the last few years. If it wasn’t for my Grandma I wouldn’t be here today who kept a roof over my head when I had nothing!

“If it wasn’t for @mikkifrompreston I wouldn’t know what a great friend is and I wouldn’t create as much music as I do. If it wasn’t for showing me that a partner CAN be extremely supportive + love me entirely for who I am, I wouldn’t of found love,” she wrote.

The singer with her beau Lewis Pidutti.

(Credit: Instagram)

Does Tanya George have a partner?

Tanya has been in a relationship with her musician beau Lewis Pidutti for over a year, and they both share loved up pictures together on Instagram.

To support his girlfriend, Lewis wrote a post to mark the start of her journey on The Voice.

He wrote, “So proud and excited for you Bella! Fly high my queen ❤️🦋 @tanyageorgemusic @thevoiceau #thevoiceau #thisisthevoice #livelooping #vocalist #yougotthelove.”

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