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EXCLUSIVE: Keith Urban and Rita Ora on The Voice – should Nicole be worried?

Will history repeat itself?
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It’s a chapter of her life that Nicole Kidman hoped was well and truly behind her, but since Keith Urban announced he’ll be returning to be a coach on The Voice Australia, alongside Rita Ora, as well as Guy Sebastian and Jessica Mauboy, the actress’ nerves are said to be in tatters once again.

“When Rita accepted the terms of her contract, Nic’s veins ran cold for a second,” a source tells Woman’s Day.

“Rita’s reputation precedes her as someone who loves a good flirt! She puts on a sexpot attitude few men are able to resist.”

Nicole, 53, is said to be getting flashbacks to the time Keith, also 53, appeared alongside sultry singer Jennifer Lopez, 51, on American Idol in 2014.

Nicole was left reeling after she watched her husband and an often scantily clad J.Lo openly whisper and flirt with each other in front 10 million viewers every night.

The singers will reunite for The Voice Australia.

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“Nicole’s had to put up with women making plays for her husband for their entire marriage – from groupies and up-and-coming little blonde country stars through to high-profile A-listers, but J.Lo really got under her skin,” our insider tells.

“Keith was in hot water with her for weeks for openly getting too close with J.Lo on Idol – whether it was purely for ratings, as he argued, or not, it made Nic look silly and she’s not about to tolerate that this time around.

Will history repeat itself?

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“He’s even been in the doghouse for flirting with Delta Goodrem on The Voice in the past. Just because it happens in Australia, it doesn’t mean the international press doesn’t notice it going on.”

The filming schedule for The Voice is notoriously long and tiring, with drawn-out shoots, sometimes lasting well into the wee hours of the night, leaving plenty of time for the coaches to get to know one another.

But with Nicole spending more time in Australia now, our source says she’ll be much more present on set.

Nicole is happy to keep an eye on Keith and Rita.

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“Nic’s glad she’s spending more time in Australia and can keep a close eye on Rita’s antics.

To say she’s not her biggest fan is an understatement so she better not step a foot out of line, because in the celebrity pecking order Rita Ora comes below Nicole Kidman.

“And if Nic put her foot down and demanded Keith tell producers it’s him or Rita, it’s bye-bye Rita.”

Jess’ wedding shred

WOW! Jess’ transformation

As Jessica Mauboy prepares to make her return to TV, the hitmaker is also getting in shape for her upcoming wedding.

The new Voice coach is set to marry her boyfriend of 10 years, Themeli Magripilis, and in a recent Instagram snap fans were in awe of her transformation.

“Wow, lost so much weight,” admired one fan.

Another commented, “Stunning!” Personal trainer Luke Istomin revealed that Jess, 30, previously lost 8kg with an intense workout routine.

“I put her on a strength and movement-based program and she trains six times a week.”

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