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Super Switch: Tyler reveals the real reason behind Marcus’ walkout

“He thought I was stabbing him in the back”
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An explosive episode of The Super Switch saw Marcus pack his bags after a confronting group therapy session.

But Tyler, who did his best to stop Marcus from leaving, tells TV WEEK there was more to Marcus’ meltdown than what was shown on TV.

“He blamed me for the walk out,” Tyler, 28, reveals. “I spoke to him and said, ‘Look, you need to participate. You can’t sit here quietly. It’s a big production and people are here to make TV'”.

Marcus called the police and claimed he was being held against his will.

(Image: Channel Seven)

According to Tyler, his words of advice rubbed Marcus up the wrong way.

“He said he wasn’t there to make TV but to fix his relationship,” he explains. “So he took it as me stabbing him in the back. We got along great up until then. After that there was some tension between us.”

Tyler tried to convince Marcus to stay.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Marcus decided “enough was enough” in tonight’s episode after the group asked him to open up about how he felt.

He said he felt “emotionally drained” and wanted to leave, before calling the police and claiming he was being held against his will.

“He’s not ruining it for himself but for Romina, Aimee and Kendrick. That’s four people who are affected by this decision and it’s selfish,” Tyler told the camera.

Marcus, 33, previously told TV WEEK that at that point, all he wanted to do was speak to his partner, Aimee.

“I was worried she’d be moving on with her life in the other house. I just wanted her to know I wanted to make it work. I was ready.”

The Super Switch, Wednesday, 7.30pm, Channel Seven

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