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Super Switch’s Miranda says she felt ‘threatened’ by drunk Justin

Miranda says there was more to the incident than what was shown on screen.
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Miranda was less than impressed by Justin’s drunken behaviour in tonight’s episode of The Super Switch.

But while some viewers think she overreacted, Miranda says there was more to the incident than what was shown on screen.

“It was about 4am when Justin walked in,” Miranda, 24, tells TV WEEK. “He came across to where I was sleeping and fell back on to the couch. He was quite close [to me] and I felt threatened. I didn’t feel comfortable at all.”

Justin woke up Miranda after a boozy night in the villa.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Miranda says she asked Justin to leave, but he refused.

“He was very much in my face and was like, ‘Let’s talk’. I said, ‘Can you please leave?’ But he was refusing to go.

“Then he said ‘You’re no fun’ right in my face. I’ve had people yell at me when I was younger and I felt threatened. He had no right to be in my face like that.

“I didn’t know if he wanted to chat or wanted to stir the boat, but it was so full on.”

Miranda wasn’t impressed with Justin’s behaviour.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Earlier in the night, the group – who were on their getaway in Port Douglas – enjoyed drinks at their luxury villa.

But Miranda left early.

“I was there for my relationship, not a booze up,” she explains. “I’m happy to have a few drinks but I’m not there to get sloshed.

“It got to about 11pm and everyone started to get into the pool. I didn’t want to jump into the pool in a bikini. I didn’t feel comfortable and had just had enough.”

The Super Switch, Wednesday, 8.30pm, Channel Seven

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