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EXCLUSIVE: “She’s furious!” Sophie Monk’s Love Island meltdown

Turns out this self-confessed bogan can be a bit of a diva!
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She’s a self-confessed “bogan” loved for her down-to-earth nature, but insiders say Love Island host Sophie Monk is already acting the diva!

According to sources, the former Bachelorette “threw a tantrum” when she found out the match-making show, which was filmed in Majorca, Spain, was set to air on 9GO! instead of Nine.

“She didn’t realise the show wasn’t on the main channel,” an insider tells Woman’s Day.

“She’s furious!”

Back in December, ahead of her new hosting gig, the 38-year-old reportedly caused a headache for the network when she requested “allowances for her glam squad” and return airfares for her then-boyfriend Stu Laundy.

And she doesn’t come cheap either. Insiders say that after several heated discussions with producers, Sophie settled on a $1 million package for the nine-week gig. Imagine all the ugg boots you could buy with that much!

She’s certainly changed since her Bardot days, check out Sophie Monk’s evolution in pictures.

But Sophie, who broke up with her Bachelorette beau Stu Laundy at the beginning of the year won’t be hooking up with any of the sexy singles on the show.

“It’s so stressful to be the subject, like on The Bachelorette. Now, I can just observe the drama from afar, without having to worry about the stress of it all. And let me tell you, there’s plenty of drama.”

Is Sophie a bogan like she says she is or a full on diva?

One thing’s for sure, we’ll be seeing plenty of X-rated material and tantrums galore on Love Island.

“Australia always tends to be safer, but not now – you can see everything! And I’m so proud of Channel Nine. Good on them for going full sexy.”

Don’t you mean 9Go! Sophie? Awkward!

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