Love Island

LOVE ISLAND EXCLUSIVE: They’re sexy, single and down for anything

The new Love Island contestants share their dirtiest secrets with OK!.

With just days to go before Love Island takes over our lives with five nights of sexy, saucy TV, OK! decided to get to know the first ten contestants a little better!
Here, the stars of Australia's newest reality show spill their secrets…

“Everyone thinks I’m gay”

"I take a massive interest in fashion. I also have a massive obsessive compulsive disorder with my hair," Justin says.
"I take a massive interest in fashion. I also have a massive obsessive compulsive disorder with my hair," New York-based model Justin tells OK!.
"It has to be neat, perfect to my liking, otherwise I go crazy. I never wake up in the morning and go, 'Oh I'm going to throw that on.' I want to look good to impress people."
This often leads to people questioning his sexuality.
"It's not the most masculine thing. From a male perspective, some people don't like it – but that's how it is."

“Bieber loves me!”

This blonde bombshell has partied with Justin Bieber.
The beauty business owner won't spill the deets, but she admits she's dated multimillionaires and partied with Justin Bieber.
"Has someone famous hit on me? Yes, but I can't say anything," she says.
"I've had a few famous guys approach me. They come up to me when I'm out, say hi and try and chat me up. Famous guys are confident and have a good, natural approach, which is always better than anything cheesy."

“I auditioned for Geordie Shore”

Eden originally tried out for Geordie Shore.
EDEN, 25
A personal trainer and prison guard, Eden has had his eye on a TV gig for a while.
"I applied for the Aussie version of Geordie Shore on the Gold Coast," he reveals.
"But when it didn't work out, the producers recommended me to Love Island so I applied. It was meant to be."

“I haven’t had sex in ages”

"My eight-month dry spell is ongoing!"
It's hard to believe the model would ever have trouble getting a guy.
"My eight-month dry spell is ongoing," Cassidy admits.
"Love Island will hopefully solve that! I've been closing myself off to guys, friends, going out. Guys pick up on that. I don't drink very often, so that impacts going out and being social."

“I’ll have sex on television”

Nothing is off-limits for Grant.
Still living at home, Grant says his parents were furious when they found out he was headed to Spain.
"My dad is not impressed. He's very Australian and conservative. He doesn't like it because there is a lot of shagging!" Grant tells.
So he'll do the deed on TV?
"S--t yeah, I would for sure! Especially if the connection is there. Like, if I have a genuine connection, it's gonna go further."

“I’ll get with a girl!’

"I make out with girls all the time!"
ERIN, 22
Nurse Erin is heading to Spain for love and is up for a fling with a guy – or a girl.
"I make out with girls all the time," she reveals.
"Sometimes, boys – not all boys, but some – just aren't very good kissers and I feel like women know how to kiss women. We usually have to teach guys how to kiss."
But while she'll pash a girl on Love Island, Erin says it won't lead to anything serious. "I wouldn't be able to date a girl long term – I enjoy the penis too much!"
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