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Sophie Monk reveals: ‘I love watching sex scenes on Love Island’

The Love Island host also says the sex scenes won't be censored. It's going to be one hot winter!
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Temperatures may be dropping as winter creeps in, but our lives are about to get a whole lot hotter thanks to Australia’s sexy Love Island and it’s sizzling host Sophie Monk!

With a villa full of sexy Aussies under her supervision over in Mallorca, Spain, Soph, 38, assures NW the show will have us working up a sweat.

“It’s Big Brother meets a lot of sex,” the star says, explaining the fly-on-the-wall concept of the show that follows a bunch of smokin’ hot singles dating — and mating — under one roof.

“I love watching the sex scenes,” Sophie boasts of the raunchy antics that made the UK version of the reality show a smash hit.

And with the program setting the singletons on a series of naughty challenges and dares, it sounds like there’ll be plenty of them to watch! Nudity alert!

Love Island host Sophie Monk says she loves watching the sexy scenes on the show.

While reality shows on our current rotation may have focused on romance, rose ceremonies and blind weddings, Love Island will thrive on sex and drama.

“It’s for a whole new age,” Sophie gushes. “It’s just so exciting, fresh and innocent.”

Innocent, Soph? Not quite…

Sophie says sex on Love Island won’t be censored!

Let’s get to it… Will sex scenes be censored?

“No, they won’t!”

Are you looking forward to seeing them?

“What are you, a pervert? [Laughs] No, I love them, but I couldn’t do it, though. It’s that freedom with no inhibitions that only young people can get away with. People my age doing that kind of stuff is just sad, but when you’re young it’s what you do.”

Er, we’re not sure all young people are having sex in shared rooms in front of their mates!

“[Laughs] Well, yeah, that’s weird. Oh, it makes me feel old…”

Do you think Australia is ready to get this X-rated?

“Yes! With the internet and social media, we’re a bit more broadened. Australia always tends to be safer, but not now – you can see everything! And I’m so proud of Channel Nine. Good on them for going full sexy.”

Are you hoping for any same-sex romances?

“Who knows? I think the world is comfy with it and it’d be fine. There’d be no judging if it did happen.”

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How will you handle being around so many hot guys in their swimmers?

“Well, I’ll be dressed! [Laughs] I’ll be hiding my muffin top.”

Reckon you’ll fancy any of them?

“Nah! I’ve been there and I’m good.”

Do you think any of the guys will be trying their luck with you?

“[Laughs] Oh, God no! They’re like twenty-somethings.”

What do you love about the show?

“I love how unapologetically hot these people are and it’s just young love! You know when you think it’s the end of the world and you can’t see yourself moving on or getting over somebody? It’s that kind of thing. Butterflies in your stomach.”

How is it different to The Bachelorette?

“They go in, couple up, swap and then drama happens! Obviously Australia will be voting on who they want to fall in love and who they like the most too – it’s really interactive. It’s so fun just sitting on your couch and getting to have your say.”

Does it take you back to your twenties?

“Yes! It’ll have younger people loving it, but older people, too, just wanting to relive that time. I’ll be vicariously living through them.”

Don’t miss this week’s NW for your first look at the Love Island cast and loads more from Sophie Monk!

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