Love Island

Here's everything you need to know about Love Island

What to expect from the sexiest show that’ll ever grace Australian TV...

By NW team
When it comes 
to reality TV dating shows Down Under, there's a certain element of romance we've become accustomed to.
Until now, that is...
Hello Love Island! The network have confirmed the show will premiere on Sunday, May 27th.
Swapping corny rose ceremonies and surprise weddings with strangers for unashamed sex in the European sun, host Sophie Monk will be flying over to Spain with a plane full of our finest singletons for a summer they'll never forget.
And she's taking us along 
for the ride too, as the UK's most X-rated show gets 
an Aussie makeover. We're sooooo in!
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How it works
During the first episode, Soph will introduce our group of very sexy singletons to each other and they're immediately required to "couple up" with the person they fancy the most – and from that point, pretty much anything goes.
As the lovers then share a bed and attempt to find a spark, all kinds of temptation is thrown their way as hot intruders move in, the public vote people out and loyalties are tested during recoupling ceremonies. Saucy!
What Soph's up to…
"My job is to just float in and out every few days," Sophie explains of her presenting role.
The babe will be revealing the results of public votes, kicking people out and also bringing new people in. And when she's not on set?
"I'm going to be doing some tourist stuff... Usually when you're doing 
a show you're locked away on set, 
so you can't get out and explore," she admits. Not bad work if you can get it.

The raunchy challenges!
As well as couples receiving date cards and heading out of the villa for some alone time, the cast also competes in challenges.
Although Aussie bosses are remaining tight-lipped on what mayhem we can expect, the UK version has had everything from strip teases and booty competitions 
to simulating sex positions in record time.
Real-life fairytales
Among the flirting and fighting, the show has a surprisingly high success rate of people actually finding 
love! From the three seasons of the UK version that have aired, there's been one Love Island baby from Season Two winners Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde, one live proposal during the Season One 
finale from Jon Clark to Hannah Elizabeth, and a couple more engagements after returning to reality 
for Season Two's Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen, and Season Three's Dominic Lever and Jess 
Awww! See, true love on reality TV really does exist!

Undercover mission
Network bosses are going to extreme lengths to ensure no contestant is identified before cameras start rolling in Spain.
"The first time contestants meet each other is when they arrive at the villa, so the producers' priority is to keep everything top secret," says a source.
Meanwhile, in the UK series, when contestants arrive in Spain, they're "put in lockdown in separate 
hotels for a few days, have their phones confiscated and need to tell their chaperones if they as much as need to go to the toilet." Damn!
The two things you need to become an intruder…
There will be new islanders entering the villa every few eps to stir things up – and you could be one! Yep, Channel Nine will still be accepting applicants once the show starts airing and flying over 
those who are successful. If you're looking 
for tips on how to make it: boob jobs and 
bulging biceps certainly tick the boxes!

X-Rated Antics
"They won't be censoring anything," Sophie tells NW, discussing the raunchy sex scenes she predicts will take place, just as they have in the UK. "We've always tended to be a bit safer here in Australia, but not now – you can see everything. I'm so proud of Channel Nine. Good 
on them for going full sexy." Literally nothing 
will be off limits by the sounds of it...
Pretty much anything goes in the villa, except 
for, er, solo acts of love.
Yep, according to some 
of the British cast, the rule is implemented so 
all the built-up sexual frustration can be channelled into the couples attempting to consummate 
their relationship. And they definitely do...

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