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Prince Charles will guest star on Masterchef Australia… Well Croquembouche

Our souffles are puffing up real high right now.
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What can we say about Queen Elizabeth’s eldest child, Charles, the Prince of Wales?

He’s the heir to the British throne and one day will be the King of England.

Prince Charles, father to Prince William and Prince Harry.

Now, Prince Charles, latest guest to star on Masterchef Australia.

Somebody quenelle us a bloody pulse, because the Prince of Wales will be joining Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston, George Calombaris on the Channel Ten cooking show.

The Masterchef episode was filmed during Charles visit to NT.

As long as they make the future king a good cuppa… Things should be OK!

We already know Charles is a secret Masterchef!

So how on earth did Ten pull out a prince from under their cloche?

In a press release they explained, “His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales will welcome MasterChef Australia judges Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris to a reception for 150 guests at the Royal Flying Doctor Service base in Darwin tomorrow, catered for by this year’s contestants.”

The event was hosted by Northern Territory Chief Minister, Michael Gunner and in actually their toughest cooking challenge to date, the contestants would have to cook for REAL LIFE ROYALTY.

George, it’s officially time for you to whip out every pressure pun you’ve ever said.

Matt, you will need to work on your eating skills.

You too George.

Gary, it’s up to you to keep the boys in line.

Gary eloquently expressed his views on the matter.

“The Prince of Wales has always been an advocate for the environment and sustainability. He is well-known as a supporter of local producers and locally sourced produce.

“With this in mind, the challenge for our contestants is to respect and reflect his philosophy and use native and indigenous flavours along with other locally sourced ingredients.

What could go wrong…

Oh Lord, when will the show air!?

Please cooking gods… Let there be drama!

We’re ready.

“It is not only an enormous privilege and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cook for His Royal Highness’s reception, but a challenge too,” he added.

There’s no word on what point of the competition the contest but we’re hoping it’s in the pointy end given royalty will be forced to ingest the food.

If having the future king isn’t enough, Prince Charles will be joined by Gordon Ramsay and queen of the kitchen Nigella Lawson.

The domestic goddess, heir to the throne and Mr Kitchen Nightmare watching mere mortals scramble… What a delight!

Dry clean your suits, Matt dust off your cravat!

Greeting the peasants.

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