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My Kitchen Rules’ Colin Fassnidge spills the beans on the brand new format of the show

''I can't see it going back the old way''
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Eleven seasons in, and My Kitchen Rules is having a rather significant refresh.

“It’s five teams of ex-competitors lead by Manu versus my five teams of untried fans,” explains mentor and chef Colin Fassnidge.

“I hate to lose and there’s no way I want to lose to Manu!”

My Kitchen Rules is set for a grand return, and it’s guaranteed to bring plenty of drama…

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In addition to the tweaked format, Pete Evans also returns as an impartial judge.

“Make no mistake, this year it’s war between me and Manu,” adds Colin.

Now, the 45-year-old gives us the goss on what to expect for the upcoming season!

OK!: Colin, how do you feel about the new format of MKR?

Colin: I honestly think this season of MKR is the one I’ve enjoyed doing the most.

I’ve already seen all the episodes, and it’s very rare for me to sit down and watch it all the way through, but this time I’ve watched two or more episodes in a row!

It’s a lot funnier, too. I knew I would say it’s great, but the new format has definitely given the show a whole new flavour and I can’t see it going back to the old way.

Things will look a little different this season – the show has refreshed its format!

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Your teams haven’t cooked on TV before. Is that a disadvantage?

No, because I teach them. Honestly, I got the fans because I’m better than Manu.

He gets the ones who can cook. I got the ones who have to be taught, so obviously I’m the better mentor!

Has this competition affected your friendship with Manu?

We’re friends outside of the kitchen, but once we get in the kitchen we just want to do each other over.

Chefs want bragging rights, so I have to beat him.

WATCH BELOW: See the winners of last season’s My Kitchen Rules during their big win. Story continues after video…

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How involved is Pete?

He’s in the middle and is supposed to be the impartial judge, but he’s not.

He’s thrown me under the bus on the show a few times. I think he’s a bit of a grumpy bus driver this season.

How’s the food this year?

I’ve eaten the best – and worst – food ever in my eight seasons. I’m serious!

You can watch MKR: The Rivals premiere on Sunday, February 2 at 7pm on Seven.

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