EXCLUSIVE: My Kitchen Rules Colin Fassnidge & Manu Feildel admit "We hated each other!"

The judges spill explosive secrets as they interrogate one another!

By Carrissa Lawrie
Give My Kitchen Rules judges Colin Fassnidge and Manu Feildel a microphone and all hell breaks loose!
On a summer afternoon at Irish chef Colin's Sydney eatery 4Fourteen, the two larrikins chew the fat about everything from their one-time feud to female fan attention – nothing is off the menu!
Manu: What did you think of me when we first met?
Colin: We hated each other. We didn't get on. We used to have a little feud. We met in a bar.
Manu: It started there?
Colin: You were a d---!
Manu: Yeah, you were such a nice guy and I was such a d---.
Colin: No, we had a feud for a very long time and then we got stuck working together, but we actually found out that we do get on.
Manu: We found out we've got more in common than we thought we did.
The judges admit their friendship didn't get off to a great start!
Colin: OK, my first question! Out of the three MKR judges [Manu, Colin and Pete Evans], who has the smelliest farts?
Both: Pete Evans! [Laughs]
Colin: See? We both said it at the same time. Mr Cabbage!
Manu: How do you cope with the attention from female contestants?
Colin: Very well.
Manu: Does it ever get awkward?
Colin: A lot.
Manu: It is actually very awkward. I mean it's nice, but it's awkward… you don't know how to deal with it.
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Colin: OK, here's a tough one… Would you rather eat an overly spicy meal or a meal with no sauce?
Manu: Can I get both? I don't mind spice, but I need sauce. It can't just be spicy and not saucy.
Manu: Alright, what's the worst dish you've ever tasted on MKR? And don't say my food!
Colin: It was a squid dish, but it was quite thick. It was cooked on the outside, but it was raw in the middle and it started to sort of ferment a bit.
Manu:Ugh [retches]. I don't remember this one; it must have been someone in your group. Mine was season two or three, so it was a long time ago, but we had these people doing a frozen lavender cheesecake and it tasted like a bar of soap.
The larrikin judges now get along famously.
Colin: Have you figured out the trick to not putting on extra kilos while filming?
Manu: Nope. I mean the answer should be easy – stop eating shit food…
Colin: But we can't!
Colin: Do you think there should be a celebrity version of MKR?
Both: No!
Manu: No bloody way. You know why? Because none of them can cook!
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