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My Kitchen Rules? More like my kitchen romance! All the couples who have hooked up on set

Things have gotten steamy in the kitchen over the years...
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While it may not be a dating show, My Kitchen Rules isn’t just about the cooking by any means.

Between sudden cook-off challenges and instant restaurants, some of the contestants have even been involved in behind the scenes romances. Some you may not have even realised…

Back in 2020 Victor and Piper stirred up major romance rumours, the former admitting they became “quite close” during filming.

Woman’s Day previously reported that Piper, who was in the process of divorcing her husband during filming, found comfort with Victor, 28 and their fellow contestants definitely noticed something was up too.

But they’re not the only ones who got steamy (pun intended) on the cooking show, and with MKR returning to screens in 2022 we could well see a new kitchen romance.

Keep scrolling as we look back at the sizzling and not-so-sizzling MKR romances through the years.

Rocco and Carly

Rocco and Carly, Season 3

Love was in the air for South Australia’s Rocco La Bella and his Victorian opponent Carly Cheung during the instant restaurant rounds. The couple even dated for 15 months after the show wrapped but things turned sour when it seemed like Carly had posted some angry comments calling Rocco a “sleaze bag good for nothing” amongst others. Turned out Carly’s account was hacked and Rocco admitted shortly afterwards that they hadn’t been together for “a while”. (Images: Channel Seven)

Carly and Tresne

Carly and Tresne: Season 5

How could you not love these two? While they were presented on the show close friends, it was later revealed that Carly Saunders and Tresne Middleton were in a relationship but had asked producers not to reveal the truth as they didn’t want to be judged by their “sexual preference”. (Image: Channel Seven)

Carly and Tresne wedding

The two celebrated their love in a commitment ceremony in 2012 but made it official at their wedding in New Zealand in 2014 as Australia hadn’t yet legalised same-sex marriage and changed their surnames to Hart which they told Woman’s Day they chose as it is a derivative of the word ‘heart’. (Images: Supplied)

Bek and Kyle

Bek and Kyle: Season 8

It was the kiss that stopped a nation…sort of. In an MKR first, Bek Outred and Kyle McLean locked lips at eventual winners Amy and Tyson Murr’s first instant restaurant round. But it turned out to be a cheeky fling (if that) with Bek admitting, “There was a spark there, but we just work out better as friends.” (Image: Channel Seven)

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MKR’s First Kiss

Bek and Kyle

The couple reunited after the show with their teammates but despite reports, they were just friends. (Image: Instagram @drbekaus)

Tim and Amy

Tim and Amy: Season 8

Kyle’s MKR partner Tim Attiwill was a bit luckier in love on the show after it was revealed he and Amy Murr, who won the season with brother Tyson, were an item. Speaking to a local publication in 2017, Tim said, “We became really close on the show … She was a real standout. We have definitely stayed in contact.” (Image: Instagram @timandkyle_)

Amy and Tim

While we haven’t seen them in a photo together since February 2018, we’re hoping they’re still together and just have a low key romance! (Image: Instagram @amyjeanmurr)

Henry Sonya and Louisa

Henry, Sonya and Louisa: Season 9

Truffle farmer Henry Terry captured the hearts of not only viewers but his female competitors too! In fact, there was an MKR love triangle at the instant restaurants with both Sonya Mefaddi and Louisa Senteleky vying for his attentions.

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MKR’s first love triangle: Henry, Sonya and Louisa


Jazzey Rooney (right) was also linked to Henry though she revealed, “I still get messages from people who didn’t get the memo that nothing happened and we’re not together.” (Image: Channel Seven)

Matt and Bianca

Matt and Bianca: Season 10

He was nicknamed ‘Hollywood’ by his costars for his looks but cricket fan Matt Gawthrop formed a “special bond” with teammate Bianca Braun. “Beneath her strong personality, she has a caring heart,” he explained to TV WEEK. “We were close; there’s no denying that.” (Image: Instagram @biancabraunbeauty)

Matt and Bianca with teams

Bianca, who was competing with frenemy Pat, also hinted at romance rumours when she said, “He lives in Newcastle [in NSW] and I’m in Melbourne. If we lived in the same state, I’m sure it would be a different story, but we don’t.” (Image: Channel Seven)

Victor and Piper

Victor and Piper: Season 10

After Piper O’Neill and her partner Veronica Cristovao asked Victor Aeberli and G Shanker for some cooking critique on the show, Victor admits that he and mum-of-two Piper, who separated from her husband Jordan just before MKR began shooting, became “quite close.” (Images: Channel Seven)

Victor and Piper

This snap of Victor swishing away flies from Piper’s head was shared on his and G’s Instagram account to which Piper commented, “Thanks guys! You’re the best,” underneath. (Image: Instagram @victorgau)

Chris and Sal

Chris and Sal: Season 10

Chris Rillo may not have won his season but he did strike gold after he and his Port Pirie competitor Sal Caputo struck up a secret on-set flirtfest and then a romance after the show. (Image: Instagram @chris_travel_dine_cook)

Chris and Sal

“We found out we had so much in common…I’ve been to Pirie where we’ve cooked together and met their whole family,” Chris told The Advertiser. (Image: Instagram @chris_travel_dine_cook)

Ben Roula Lauren

Ben, Roula and Lauren: Season 11

Flirtations were flying across the table in this Rivals romance between House Manu contestant Roula and House Colin’s Ben. The couple hit things off before going on a date that left Roula smitten and hoping for a second. Tragically her hopes were cut short when she discovered Ben had secretly been hooking up with fellow House Colin contestant, Lauren!

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