My Kitchen Rules

Red-hot romance? My Kitchen Rules’ Bianca and Matt come clean

Bianca reveals she developed a special bond with Matt

By TV Week team
My Kitchen Rules rivals Bianca and Matt developed an undeniable bond on the show.
Bianca, whose teammate is her "frenemy" Pat, agrees they had something special.
"Matt is amazing," she says. "It was comforting to have that bond."
Bianca is competing with her 'frenemy' Pat.
Matt, 27, who's competing on the show with his cricket mate Luke, says Bianca is "smart, intelligent, and funny".
"Beneath her strong personality, she has a caring heart," he explains. "We were close; there's no denying that."
So, did things ever turn romantic between the pair? Bianca laughs when asked whether they kissed.
"I will not confirm or deny at this point!" she says.
Matt calls Bianca "smart and funny."
However, it does seem distance is a sticking point.
"He lives in Newcastle [in NSW] and I'm in Melbourne," Bianca says. "If we lived in the same state, I'm sure it would be a different story, but we don't."
Romance aside, Matt has had his fare share of drama this season.
There was chaos during MKR's dinner challenge when Matt fainted after accidentally chopping off the edge of his thumb.
When the challenge was over, he headed to hospital, where he found he had "nicked a couple of nerves".
Matt chopped off the edge of his thumb on MKR.
"For seven days, I couldn't even pick up a knife," he tells TV WEEK. "I was struggling."
When he was able to pick one up again, he said he found himself feeling "very nervous".
Five months on and Matt says his thumb still isn't back to normal.
"It's just very sensitive now," he says. "It was full-on."
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