MKR couple's split gets nasty

After 15 months together the hot couple’s romance has gone off the boil.
Popular MKR couple Rocco La Bella and Carly Cheung have ended their relationship, Woman’s Day can exclusively reveal. While many believed their reality romance would be one of the few that would endure, it seems that even their love has soured. The pair finally admitted they had split up when a series of extraordinary posts on their Facebook pages came to light which suggested they were in the middle of a public bust-up.
“Hi to all my Facebook fans who think I [Rocco] am the best guy in the world,” said the status update posted last week. It then went on to make a series of unfounded allegations against the TV cook, including referring to Rocco as a “sleaze bag good for nothing”. And as fans began commenting on the bizarre rant, they all began to assume it was his girlfriend Carly who had just “vented”. It even appeared she’d joined the fray, outing herself as the one who posted the message.
“I don’t believe it’s called hacking when that person is myself, Carly, who has been his girlfriend for the last 15 months,’’ came a reply from Carly and Emily’s fan page. So when Woman’s Day contacted the couple, we were expecting to hear that their love had gone cold, but instead they told us they had been the victims of an elaborate hacking hoax designed to make it appear that it was Carly writing the posts.
“Our page got hacked but we are still together,’’ said Carly at first. An emotional Rocco also said their pages had been hacked and that they were still together. But later, he and Carly confirmed they had gone their separate ways. “Rocco and I have not been together for some time now,’’ Carly said. The Facebook posts which went up last week were intended to make it look like Carly was behind them. She denied having anything to do with them.
Read more about the MKR coule's split in this week's Woman’s Day on sale Monday November 26, 2012.

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