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Bachelor in Paradise’s Megan Marx reveals her new nose and secret boob job!

See her $47,000 transformation from church girl to reality TV star.
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When Megan Marx escaped her marriage and religious cult and found fame on The Bachelor in 2016, she was introduced to a whole new world.

But for Meg, 29, cosmetic surgery had already crept into her quiet church life in Geraldton, WA, when she was still a teenager.

The star exclusively reveals her new nose – and lip lift – to NW magazine.

“It’s bizarre to think, but you’re still human and people are vain, right?” the star tells NW, while confessing to a secret boob job she had done at age 18 due to the competitiveness among fellow worshippers rushing to get wed.

“I got my boobs done just before I got married,” Meg says.

“It’s bizarre, right? I hadn’t even had sex yet and saved up and didn’t tell a single person that I went off to get them done.”

And since then the Bachelor in Paradise babe has more than splurged on the surg!

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The BIP star after her rhinoplasty with Sydney based surgeon Dr Zacharia.

Megan Marx

Megan looks and feels amazing.

Following years of Botox, lip filler, cheek filler and a temporary “liquid nose job” with even more filler, the openly bisexual star has recently undergone a rhinoplasty and lip lift with Dr Zacharia – the Sydney based surgeon responsible for Keira Maguire and Skye Wheatley’s nose jobs.

“I like to eat healthy and work out, but no matter how much of that you do, your nose doesn’t get any smaller.”

“When I woke up, it was like there was a brick on my face. It was so tight and swollen and I had a big cast on,” Meg says of the nose job.

“Elora [Murger] came to pick me up as I was staying at her house and as we walked back everyone was staring. I had blood dripping out of my nose and I was high from the drugs!”

A young Megan poses with a friend before her TV transformation.

“For the first few days there’s loads of gunk and blood coming out and I felt like rubbish, to be honest. I knew I’d look terrible – it was the worst I’ve ever looked in my life.”

But thankfully now it was all worth it!

*In this week’s NW& see Megan’s full transformation, exclusive photo shoot reveal and read more about her surprising story from church girl to reality TV star.**

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