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EXCLUSIVE: Bachelor in Paradise bombshells

Our Bachie faves dish the dirt on their island shenanigans.
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From love triangles to secret girlfriends and a proposal, Bachelor in Paradise is set to shake up the reality TV landscape in the most deliciously dramatic way.

“We knew in three days we had a hit,” host Osher Günsberg teases. With fan favourites Tara Pavlovic, Apollo Jackson and Davey Lloyd returning, and former Bachie “villains” like Keira Maguire, Laurina “Dirty Street Pie” Fleure and Blake Colman set to stir the pot, we can’t wait to see how first season of the Bachelor spin-off unfolds.

Michael Turnbull

“My time on Paradise was spent dealing with drama,” Michael spills. “With break-ups and new romances happening all the time, it was crazy – especially as the bar opened at midday!”

Michael didn’t win Sam Frost’s heart on The Bachelorette in 2015, but he reveals he’s potentially found love this time!

“I am very happy with the outcome,” he says.

Keira Maguire

“When I arrived, I thought Luke was hot and then Sam [Cochrane] and I connected,” says Keira. “He was the only one I could see myself going further with. There was an instant connection.” And then she met Jarrod Woodgate!

“I was surprised he was there. He’d just had his heart broken by Sophie Monk. I was like, ‘I’m not going there.’ Imagine being the girl who breaks his heart for the second time on TV? But I got to know him better…”

Davey Lloyd

When it comes to looks, Davey prefers a more natural look on a lady. “I hate the big lips. Guys don’t like it. If you can blatantly tell they’ve had the lips done, it looks stupid,” he boldly states.

“There was so much botox on the island, and Keira’s lips look ridiculously silly. I thought she’d been stung by a swarm of bees! She’s an airhead.” Uh-oh!

Florence Moerenhout

Who could forget the Dutch bombshell? After an unsuccessful stint on last year’s Bachelor, she’s ready to find The One. “I missed out on old mate Matty Johnson, so I’m looking for a second-best love. Just kidding!”

But drama will follow Florence when she finds herself in a love triangle – she had a pre-island fling with Jake Ellis and admits it was slightly awkward when he turned up in Fiji.

“Yeah, we had a thing, but it was never a super intense relationship. We saw each other a few times and then it fizzled out. But then he rocked up in Paradise and was pretty aggressive in pursuing me, even though I was getting to know Davey. I didn’t know he was still interested.”

Flo says her good friend Tara Pavlovic summed up the drama perfectly. “I went back to our bungalow and she was like, ‘How does it feel that the entire camp wants to root you?’ It was flattering, but a bit stressful, too!”

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