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Bachelor in Paradise’s Apollo: “I won’t kiss every girl!”

Our fave Bachie boy spills on his plans for an island romance, exclusively telling NW that he hopes he finally finds true love with an ex contestant!
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Holy breadsticks! Bachelorette hunk Apollo Jackson is back – not as The Bachelor, but as a contestant on Bachelor In Paradise where he’ll look for a hook-up love amongst other Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects, including hotties Keira Maguire, Laurina Fleure and Tara Pavlovic, during a sizzlin’ four weeks in Fiji.

Yep, there’s that L word again! The Gold Coast magician popped into NW HQ before packing his backs for Fiji to spill on his plans for an island romance, and he says that he thinks he could quite possible find The One?

But will he kiss a bunch of frogs on his way to happily ever after?

“NO! No!” he laughs. “I’m a gentleman!”

Hmmm… NW had a whole bunch of questions for him, like, “Does this mean you won’t be the Bachelor now?” (Sob!), “Which Bachelorettes do you have your eye on?” and “If your still single after this, will you go out with us?” (The answer to that was yes, FYI, sorry girls!).

Here are the answers you’ve been waiting for!

Apollo! Holy moly, we expected you to be announced as The Bachelor, not the very first Bachelor In Paradise contestant! Was it an easy decision?

I had to think about it because The Bachelorette was still really, really fresh for me. Even though I came off that, my mind and heart were still open and I really wanted to find someone.

I had to think about it a little bit before throwing myself into something else. But, yeah I’m going in there open-minded and open-hearted, and hopefully by the end of it I’ll meet someone special.

You’re genuinely looking for love on Bachelor In Paradise? A show that is notorious in America for its raunchiness…

Yes! I’ve been single for a while now and I do have to travel for work, and I just miss having someone special there to share adventures with and have cute little date nights with. And just having someone special to share life with and have fun moments with and spoil and do special things for!

Aww, Apollo! OK, if you’re looking for love, then you better have done your research on the past contestants, so you know who’s right and wrong for you!

I’ve done no research at all. I haven’t even met any of them – I guess I’ve been pretty busy and living on the Coast as well, I’m sort of away from Melbourne or Sydney where people are like, “Oh, you’ve been on that show, I’ve been on that show, let’s catch up and chat about it!”

I’m a bit different in that way. I’m going in there pretty open-minded – I guess everyone is there for the same thing…

Do you honestly believe that? There are many people who probably would be in it for fame!

I can only hope so! I’m going in there pretty open-minded and open-hearted. It won’t be until I sit down and meet every one and spend a bit of time with them to see if someone floats my boat.

WATCH: Sophie Monk and Apollo Jackson kiss on The Bachelorette. Post continues…

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Are you prepared for girls to fight over you! Cos we’re putting money on that happening…

I hate drama! I hate drama so much. You can probably see it from my season – if there was any conflict, I’d just be in the background… Look, I’ll spectate, I’ll even mediate.

I’ll be there to give advice and whatever, but I’m not going to get involved. I’m so not in to drama

Good luck with that, because you’re definitely going to be caught up in a love triangle or two. Are you ready?

It’s bound to happen! I know that in some situations on the island some people will like the same person, but yeah it’s just who has that better connection at the end of the day. If I liked the same girl as someone else in the house and there’s more chemistry with her and another guy, I’d be a gentleman about it.

But at the same time, I never want to be the guy that’s trying to force myself or compete for someone. I’m a complete weirdo and a nerd, and if me just being me isn’t enough for someone, and they have to weigh me up with someone else, then they’re probably not going to be the right person…

OK, so we know you don’t want a girl who isn’t 100 per cent certain on her feelings for you. What else will turn you off?

Drama is a big one. Oh God, what else? That’s a pretty big one. If a girl is close-minded, I don’t like that. I don’t like disrespect – I don’t like people who cat about other people or whinge about other people… Yeah that’s really pretty much it.

And what you’re keen on?

If a girl’s interesting and she’s got her own things going and her own passions in life, she’s chilled, goes with the flow, likes adventure and is fun to talk to, then yeah that’s it!

You said it wasn’t an easy decision to make. What made you second guess signing up?

Look, it’s different in [The Bachelorette] because everyone was there for one person and you were like, “I really wanna know this one person and work on things with this one person.”

This is like multiple people. This is like, this person’s nice, but I wanna get to know another girl, so it’s crazy.

Were you concerned this could hinder the chances of you becoming The Bachelor?

I wanna meet someone whether it’s as The Bachelor or in the street or a shopping centre… If it’s buying breadsticks and our hands both touch the same breadstick packet and we look at each other and go, “Breadstick?” That’s my Lady And The Tramp “Spaghetti Moment.” Whether it’s that or on the Bachelor, where there are ladies who I know are 100 per cent there just for me, finding someone is my motive behind everything…

He didn’t find love with Sophie Monk but maybe he’ll meet the one next year on the island?

OK, what’s the game plan? If you’re keen on multiple girls, how are you gonna play this out?

I’m a little bit old-school, as you know! So if I have an interest in a few different girls, I’ll really be a gentleman. I won’t be making forward moves on multiple girls at the same time and I won’t be trying to kiss them all. I’ll be polite and be a gentleman and just get to know them. And when I find the one girl, I’ll go, “I love these qualities in this girl – she’s amazing, let’s see if she’s a good kisser, too.”

So don’t expect you to be kissing a different girl every night?

No! No!

People say they won’t, but they do!

Hmmm… [Laughs] Wait and see!

OK, OK! And who is the one person you would love to see on the island?

Mack! He’s the most beautiful person on the planet.

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