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Gird your loins! The Bachelorette’s Apollo Jackson is about to drop a new music single

We’re already addicted!

By Bella Brennan
Get ready you guys because The Bachelorette Australia dreamboat that is Apollo Jackson is gearing up to gift the world with his sweet beats.
That’s right, the 24-year-old magician/horse whisperer/Sophie Monk worshiper/all-round god is adding yet another talent to his repertoire - musician.
Teasing his upcoming single Addiction on his website, Apollo tells fans that his debut jam will be “coming to iTunes soon.”
And we already have so many questions. Will he rap? Will he sing? Will he do both?!
Until then, you can feast your eyes on the Queensland hunk's eighties-inspired single cover.
Relive Sophie and Apollo's first encounter. Post continues...
In the artwork, the reality TV star smoulders like the sassy muso he is about to (hopefully) become.
Rocking a pair of aviators, a hoodie and a leather jacket, Apollo means business. Maybe even an ARIA one day if he's lucky.
If his music is anything like his spell-binding magic, we're in for quite a treat!
Meanwhile fans have been quick to question the timing of his single, with many pointing out how it perfectly coincides with The Bachelorette finale week.
Soz Apollo, you might be good at pulling tricks but you can't put the wool over our eyes on this one.
Surely if he was her Chosen One, he’d have no time to juggle promoting his music and the publicity trail Sophie and her main man are expected to run after the show.
Finalist Jarrod Woodgate did little to squash the rumours he might not win when after he told NW the magic man would make the perfect 2018 Bachelor.
"I love Apollo, but I think that he’s got so much more about him and he probably needs to focus more on that – he needs to find his way and figure out what he wants to do,” Jarrod explained of why he might not be ready to settle down with Soph.
“He’s the perfect candidate for The Bachelor though! Yep, definitely.”
Apollo says his new single Addiction is coming to iTunes soon!