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Reality knife styles: The best Bachelor in Paradise transformations of all time

New face, who dis?

By Bella Brennan
Long before these reality TV hotties found fame on the small screen, they were just your regular Joes and Josephines like us - wrinkles, snaggle teeth, bad fashion and all!
But starring on the 2018 Bachelor in Paradise seems to have a common side effect, we like to call it The Case of the Frozen Face.
From Michael Turnbull, Keira Maguire and of course Ali Oetjen, their taut visages literally don't move.
And it's not just the Botox your fave BIP stars have been indulging in - from boob jobs, veneers and entire body overhauls, we've rounded up the best Bachelor in Paradise transformations of all time! Slide across the images to reveal the before and afters.

Ali Oetjen

Her arrival in paradise ruffled feathers with men literally throwing themselves at her.
And it's easy to why, this blonde bombshell is simply breathtaking.
But comparing pics of Ali from season one of Bachie to now is like looking at two different people!
Responding to Botox allegations this week, Ali cryptically told Stav, Abbey and Matt on HIT105: "I hadn't even had Botox in my forehead before."
"Maybe my face isn't moving cause I'm not reacting to the [other Bachie] girls' comment," she added.
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Apollo Jackson

At just 25, Apollo Jackson already has one hell of a backstory.
When he was 22, he suffered a heart attack and the magician says it was a major turning point in his life.
"I went through a period where I was crazy stressed, so I ended up overweight. I put on 40 kilos, weighing 150kg, was mega-stressed, not happy and went through a bit of depression. Then I had a heart attack," he told us last year.
"I ended up in critical care for two weeks and I just reassessed my life. I just went, 'OK, what do I really want in my life?' And at the end of the day it was making people smile and making people feel good and my heart has always been doing that."
"Performing magic and singing for people in the critical care ward and just seeing their smiles and watching their eyes light up was just such a good feeling. I quit both the jobs I had – I had two businesses – and just went, 'This is it. This is what I'm doing. This is my purpose and I'm chasing it.'
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Then and now: Apollo has shed half his body weight.
Apollo, real name Jake Spence, channels his inner Arnie back in 2013.

Keira Maguire

Keira's never shied away from the fact she's gone under the knife and has admitted to undergoing a $35, 000 cosmetic surgery transformation after the appearance of her face on-screen made her displeased.
The reality star has had Botox, filler, a nose job and upped her A cups to a C.
"It was a really big decision for me, but then I had to think back… I've wanted this for 10 years. They're the best boobs I've ever seen," the 31-year-old told NW.
Looking back on her transformation, Keira says she has no regrets.
"I think, although people can look at me like [I'm superficial], these changes make me happy and they make me feel like me. It's not all about looks, but if you can enhance something or improve something, I'm all about it."
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Laurina Fleure

Laurina admits she's had "lots of work done" and we say all power to her!
"I have had quite a few cheeky little nips and tucks," the 34-year-old has said.
"I started off having my ears pinned back. I've had my breasts done. I've had scar augmentations on my tummy. I've had liposuction in my armpits to take away the perspiration glands so I don't sweat. And I have Botox as well. My forehead still moves but the frown lines don't. I've had a peel. I am all for plastic surgery. I love it. I've got nothing to hide."
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Leah Costa

There's nothing we appreciate more than an honest reality star and despite her "villain" status, Leah Costa has been totally transparent when it comes to her beauty journey.
Last year, the 24-year-old shared a video on social media confirming she was getting filler and cheek implants.
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Lisa Hyde

She's a total knockout that has caught everyone's eye, especially Luke McLeod's, but has Lisa gotten friendly with the Botox?
Get your slide on and decide for yourself!
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Michael Turnbull

Fans have been loving the return of Michael on their screens, but they can't help but notice something very different since the last time we saw him on The Bachelorette in 2015...
As one person put it online: "Michael's had more Botox than Tracey from #MAFS."
At 37, the former soccer player credits his youthful looks to suncream but surely he should have a few frown lines?!
Flashback to a yew years ago and the real estate mogul's skin looks far less airbrushed...
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Nina Rolleston

After starring on Sam Wood's season of The Bachelor in 2015, Nina Rollerston has dropped 12-kilograms and gone under the knife in Bangkok to up her bust to FFs.
"It wasn't a conscious decision to lose weight," she recently explained to TV WEEK.
"Basically, I was terrified about turning 30. But once I did [become slimmer], everything changed. My career blossomed, my friendships went from strength to strength, and I just started loving myself more."
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Before and after: Nina loves her Bangkok boob job.

Luke McLeod

These days he's a walking dream boat, but before his Bachie fame Luke McLeod had an awkward teen phase just like us.
From a braced-faced, gangly guy to George Clooney's secret twin brother, Luke's come a very long way!
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