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MAFS’ Susie Bradley just confirmed she has a new boyfriend, and we’ve all seen him before

It's PDA central over here.
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Despite our best efforts to avoid seeing soppy couple Instagram posts, sometimes you just can’t escape them. Now, we can safety say Married at First Sight‘s Susie Bradley is an instigator.

While things didn’t work out for her and her reality TV “husband” Billy Vincent, the blonde 25-year-old hasn’t wasted time in finding herself a new suitor, and she’s just made things official in the most, well, couply way.

If you’re a romantic, you’ll probably enjoy the route Susie took to make things publicly official. If you’re not, er, maybe get a bucket at the ready.

Married at First Sight’s Susie has found love, but not with her on-screen ‘husband’… (Image: Nine)

With swirling rumours that she and ex-NRL player Todd Carney had struck up a romance, Susie decided to clear things up by confirming all in an Instagram tribute posted on Monday night.

Sharing a picture of the pair laying down in the sun together, she wrote: “I have waited so long for the day to come where this saying makes complete sense and now it finally does…”

She continued: “One day someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else ” 💖 @tcarney86 You are 100% that person and I am so incredibly in love with you 💏 xxxxxxxx #luckiestgirlintheworld”.

It’s official! Susie shared a gushy Instagram post about her new beau Todd alongside this pic. (Image: Instagram)

Susie’s post was met with delight from her fans, who shared their excitement for the pair.

“So happy for you girly,” wrote one fan.

Another said: “I’m glad your finally happy babe”.

And Susie didn’t just stop at the one photo – she also shared a picture of the pair in her Instagram story along with the caption: “Such a good weekend”.

Susie also shared a picture of the pair on her Instagram story. (Image: Instagram)

The controversial pair sent the rumour mill buzzing when they were spotted in Brisbane together looking more than a little cosy.

With Susie’s explosive narrative yet to play out on-screen, Married at First Sight fans were quick to cotton onto the fact that she and her “husband” Billy weren’t going to have a particularly successful union.

And indeed earlier in March, Billy himself weighed in on the rumoured new romance for his on-screen wife, and he didn’t hold back.

“What can I say? That’s a really hard one for me, I’ve got mixed feelings about that. You can really see Susie’s judge of character by the people that she hangs out with,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

He then continued with a subtle dig at the pair: “I don’t know the guy but look, those two go together like…”

Billy clearly wasn’t impressed with Susie’s new relationship. (Image: Nine)

Susie and Todd didn’t do a lot to dispel the rumours of their romance. Even Carney’s mum was on board, sharing a picture of Susie joining their family at a dinner in Byron Bay on her Facebook page, which was set to public.

A source also revealed to Woman’s Day that Susie was rather “blatant” about her communication with Todd in the early days, even while she and Billy were still technically ‘together’ for the show.

A source said: “She was texting Todd from day one… She was so blatant about it. She’d go out into the fire stairwell late at night to call him for hours on end.”

The source also revealed Billy caught Susie and Todd exchanging “graphic” images.

“She asked Billy to pass her ringing phone and he saw Todd’s name. Another time, he saw messages from a male and let’s just say they were not G-rated!”

Well, at least things are out in the open now!

Todd Carney’s mum Leanne posted a telling photo of a family get-together, with Susie included. (Image: Facebook)

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