Married At First Sight

Ouch! MAFS' Billy just broke his silence on the Todd Carney romance rumours with Susie

He did not hold back...

By Jess Pullar
If your romance was playing out in front of hundreds of thousands of people on TV, while in the real world, your on-screen wife had already moved on with another bloke, you'd probably be pretty mad too.
And that certainly seems to be the case for Married at First Sight's Billy Vincent who has hit back at the man his 'bride' Susie Bradley has reportedly been romancing with.
After pictures of Susie and ex NRL player Todd Carney sharing a passionate kiss emerged, her current on-screen 'husband' Billy has broken his silence, and he had a lot to say.
Billy has hit back after pictures of his on-screen 'wife' Susie kissing ex NRL player Todd Carney emerged. (Image: Channel Nine)
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph on Thursday, March 7, Billy revealed his thoughts about the photographs.
"What can I say? That's a really hard one for me, I've got mixed feelings about that. You can really see Susie's judge of character by the people that she hangs out with," he said.
He then continued with a subtle dig at the pair: "I don't know the guy but look, those two go together like…"
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What's more, it seems that Billy could have gone on to say a lot more, but he was cut off mid-way through by a MAFS publicist, according to the Daily Telegraph.
The evidence of Susie and Todd's romance lies in photos of the 25-year-old blonde kissing the 32-year-old outside The Stamford Plaza hotel in Brisbane, which were revealed in February by Woman's Day.
To fuel the speculation the pair are steadily romancing, Carney's mother Leanne also recently posted a picture to Facebook of Susie joining Todd and his family for a shared dinner in Byron Bay.
Carney's mother Leanne shared a family snap with the rumoured couple recently. (Image: Facebook)
And while the rumoured romance between Susie and the NRL player might come as a shock given her and Billy's episode's on the show are still airing, it would still be safe to assume that things were never going to end well between the reality TV couple.
In fact, fans have likened the couple's hot and cold relationship to that of the disaster that was Ines and Bronson, who have since chosen to 'leave' the experiment.
Susie quickly made a stark impression on viewers who were gobsmacked when her immediate disdain for her "sensitive" husband led to some serious bullying and tears.
In one such episode, the pair visited Billy's hometown of Byron Bay. Things escalated between the pair, causing Billy to cry after he telling her he was sick of being "treated worthless and like a piece of sh--t".
WATCH: Billy kicks Susie out on MAFS. Story continues after video...
Fans have been quick to respond to their unceremonious relationship, with one writing on Twitter: "So when is Susie going to be hauled in by the "experts" to treat Billy like a human being?"
And while it remains to be seen if the couple end their relationship on the show, it seems we definitely know how it all ends up...