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Married at First Sight: Who’s the daddy? A shock pregnancy scandal rocks the set!

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As if there wasn’t already enough drama on the set of Married At First Sight, NW has learned that, following a series of frisky hook-ups behind the scenes, a pregnancy shock is threatening to derail the show.

“This is the loosest show on TV,” a source close to the reality experiment exclusively tells NW.

“Participants are encouraged to have sex. After all, when you combine booze, boredom, hotel rooms and horny singletons, what do you think is going to happen?”

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While the production team behind the hit show has acted quickly to keep the scandal on the down-low, NW has learned that the discovery of a pregnancy testing kit on set has led to speculation that a MAFS Season Six bub is already on the way!

Indeed, some brides have made no secret of the fact that they want to start their families sooner rather than later.

“Angelina – and her six kids – is goals,” controversial bride Ines Basic has told NW. “I’ve always wanted to adopt children, but I may want to give birth too.”

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Ines and her former TV hubby, Bronson. (Source: Channel 9)

While there’s no suggestion that Ines – who ditched groom Bronson to enjoy a steamy hook-up with Sam – has the bun-in-the-oven bride, she admits she has considered all her options when it comes to having kids.

“I’d freeze my eggs if it came down to it.”

Ines, 28, isn’t the only contestant who’s confessed to having babies on the brain. Fan fave Jules, 37, says the fact that her biological clock is ticking was a big motivation for her signing on to MAFS.

Cam and Jules definitely have babies on the brain! (Source: Channel 9)

“I was looking to meet a guy who’s on the same page as me,” she says. “I felt very listened to by the experts, in that they matched me with a man who shared the same morals, values and life goals as me. It was really important to me to be with someone who wants to have a family.”

Other brides – including Martha – have admitted they’re broody, too. “I definitely want kids,” she told NW just before MAFS went to air. “If I find the right person [on the show], I would definitely have children. I mean, I’m 30.”

Given how loved-up Martha and groom Michael are, perhaps they’ll be hearing the pitter patter of small feet sooner than they expected!

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“I definitely want kids…” (Source: Channel 9)

With Jessika and Mick taking their relationship to the next level – and a batch of hot new bride and grooms set to arrive this week – it seems sex really is in the air this season!

Relationship expert and sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein agrees.

“Sexual attractions are hard to fake,” she explains. “And what we’re seeing on MAFS is some couples get intimate sooner rather than later. All processes are sped up. They’re jumping into marriage, so for some couples, the emotional and sexual connections are being formed super-quickly, too.”

Dr Nikki adds the “sexual chemistry” between lovebirds Cam and Jules is off the charts! Not that we hadn’t noticed…

While our source says every precaution is taken to avoid unplanned pregnancies – or STDs – accidents can happen. “Every bedroom is well stocked with condoms,” our spy spills. “But some participants are rooting like rabbits, so anything can happen.”

With the discovery of that pregnancy test, perhaps a little something already has!

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