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Married At First Sight: Let’s talk about Dan’s first date cheese platter for Jess

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The Internet went into meltdown on Sunday night after Jessika and Dan confirmed their affair and were allowed to re-enter the experiment as a new couple.

And while our hearts collectively broke for Mick who had been strung along for weeks so that Jess could carry out her secret meetings with Dan, there’s one thing her new husband proved he could do better on his first date- a cheese platter.

Cast your mind back to when Mick shared personal details about his and Jess’ sex life without her consent to the other guys. Remember when he said sorry to her with a “romantic” pool-side picnic?

With a soggy beach towel in lieu of a picnic rug, Mick served up an apology platter featuring a rather stale-looking baguette from Woolies and the saddest looking selection of meats and cheeses we’ve ever had the misfortune to look at.

But as for her new husband Dan, who whisked her away on their romantic first date, his cheese platter was a little more luxurious.

Check out that spread! (Image: Channel Nine)

Grapes and everything! (Image: Channel Nine)

While the other couples celebrated their last dates, Jess and Dan had their first official date together and they kicked things off with a bang. Don’t worry, not literally, just a romantic cruise around Sydney Harbour.

The producers (sorry, Dan) clearly thought things through with an elegant platter of cheeses, cured meats, grapes and crackers and even took the time to take the time to take the food out of the wrappers.

And even though the original ‘platter’ was “gorgeous” in Jessika’s words, this one seemed to be received even better, especially as Dan opened up and confessed he could see himself introducing her to his son.

“Dan’s organised the most amazing date that I could have asked for. It makes me feel really happy and it makes me feel like we’re doing the right thing together, despite what other people think.”

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Despite calling the explosive commitment ceremony the “hardest night of [his] life”, Dan seems to be pretty smitten with his new lady and even confessed Jess could be The One to introduce to his son.

“I set up today on the boat because I really want to spend some quality time with Jess and I really want to get to know her because the end goal is to introduce someone to my son that I really want to spend my life with.”

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Mick may be gone, but the memories of the original platter will live on forever in our hearts.

Back in the good old days: Watch Mick apologise to Jess in the player below.

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