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Jessika and Dan’s MAFS co-stars react to their decision to stay in the experiment

“If you find someone you’re more attracted to then leave the experiment!”

By TV Week team
Jessika and Dan's secret affair was finally exposed in Sunday night's episode of Married At First Sight, with the pair revealing their relationship to the group and asking the show's love experts for permission to remain in the experiment.
After some deliberation, the love experts revealed that the new couple would be allowed to re-enter the series together.
"We are not here to intervene in the course of the experiment," John told the group, who received the news with mixed feelings.
"There's two weeks to go what could the possibly learn from each other?" Mike asked in his interview, after also voicing his disapproval during the commitment ceremony.
Meanwhile, Tamara said "they should leave" while watching the drama unfold on the couch.
Jessika and Dan were allowed to re-enter the experiment as a new couple.
Mike and Tamara aren't the only one who thinks Jessika and Dan should have gone home.
Elizabeth, who was previously at the centre of a similar scandal when her husband, Sam, began an affair with Ines, says that Jessika and Dan should have gone home.
"I could never understand it. If you're going into this experiment looking for love and you find someone you're more attracted to and more suitable to – because I'm going to say Dan and Jess are more suitable to each other – then leave the experiment," Elizabeth tells TV WEEK.
"Try it on the outside world! I believe they have something there. I genuinely do," Elizabeth admits of their chemistry. "But they should probably, instead of hurting other people and being so toxic, they should have just left and continued their relationship in the outside world.
"I think everybody is just trying to get through the experiment day-by-day. I will never say they went the right way about doing it – it was quite hurtful – but I think people handle it differently. Even if she would have seen what happened with me, she's going to manage day-to-day."
Elizabeth thinks Jessika and Dan should leave the experiment.
On the other hand, everyone's favourite power couple Cam and Jules were more willing to accept that there was a "real" connection between Jessika and Dan.
"If there are feelings there, then actually I'm okay with it," Cam told the cameras, though he was also shocked by the news.
Though Cam eventually came around, Jules admits to TV WEEK that watching the cheating scandal play back on screen has been tough for them.
"This week, seeing Jess and her behaviour, Cam really struggled watching it," Jules tells TV WEEK.
"It was bringing back the feeling of how he felt, even I was getting angry at the TV. It's horrible to watch it all back again and re-live it."
As one of the happiest couples in the experiment, Jules and Cam have struggled with the drama.
The affair isn't the only thing Cam and Jules are struggling with, revealing that all of the show's drama has taken a toll on them emotionally.
"Lauren went on the radio and told everyone Ines has mental problems. I don't think it's anyone's place to go on radio and talk about someone you're not even friends with," Jules says. "Ines does things her own way. I don't necessarily agree with it but I'm not really keeping up with other people's issues.
"I'm not interested in keeping up with their drama," she continues. "You saw how much it affected me, I really felt it. It reminded me of being bullying at school and it takes me to a horrible place."
MAFS continues tonight, with Jessika and Dan spending their first day together as a couple.
Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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