Married At First Sight

MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Jessika and Dan claim their partners encouraged them to cheat

Did Mick and Tamara know about the secret affair?

By TV Week team
Jessika Power and Dan Webb rocked the experiment on Married At First Sight on Sunday night, finally revealing their secret affair to the group after week's of secret hook ups.
Understandably, no one appeared more shocked or hurt than their partners, Mick Gould and Tamara Joy. But according to Jessika and Dan, BOTH of their partners had actually encouraged them to cheat.
"I said from day one that I would never step over another woman to get to a man. If I could see she wanted to make things work with Dan, I wouldn't have gone there," Jessika tells TV WEEK exclusively.
"But Tamara offered up Dan to me about 8 or 9 times," she says.
Similarly, Dan says Mick told him to be with Jess.
"When I first came in it looked like Mick and Jess' marriage was over," Dan reveals.
"Me and Mick got along. He offered me up to Jess a couple of times as well," he claims.
Jessika and Dan claim they were encouraged to cheat by their partners.
But from what viewers have seen, it appeared both Mick and Tamara were shocked and saddened by the news. The pair even told the rest of the group they had no idea Jessika and Dan were meeting up in secret. So, if they were encouraging the duo to cheat why did they seem so upset and hurt?
Mick, who broke down in tears and at one point had to leave the room, said he had no idea what had been going on.
"Now this all makes sense," he said on the couch after Jessika's big reveal. "You dragged me, you made me stay here by myself and made me look like an idiot so you could play footsies and flirt with him. You are the most selfish brat ever, you spoilt b—h.
"To think at one stage I actually b----y liked you," he added.
When Mike asked if he had any idea this was going on behind his back, Mick said no.
"No idea, one hundred percent no idea. This explains why she hasn't wanted to hang out with me for like three weeks now."
In fact, Mick's parting words to Dan were literally "Don't do it, seriously. For the love of God, you're better than that, champ."
Doesn't seem like he was really "encouraging" Dan to be with Jess.
Mick was left with tears in his eyes after Jessika's big reveal.
When Heidi asked if this was the first time Tamara had heard about the affair she nodded, before unleashing on Dan.
"Hold on, settle," she said, holding up a hand to stop him speaking. "You wrote stay because you 'wanted to try to make it work with me' but really you just wanted to hang out with Jess so you're a liar.
"If that's how you felt, speak to me about it. If we're so-called friends, speak to me about it," she continued.
"And I have had your back and you've s--t all over me," she continued, turning to Jess. "You could have said to me 'we've spoken, I fancy him, I want to catch up with him,' whatever, and I would have been like 'cool.'"
"Hold on, settle!"
The show's love experts chose to let Jessika and Dan remain in the experiment, to continue out their love affair until the show's end.
Encouraged by Mick and Tamara (or not?), it seems the pair are well and truly together now.
Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm on Nine.

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