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Has MAFS’ Heidi Latcham moved on from Mike Gunner with a new love?

The curly-haired stunner has a secret admirer!
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Her romance with controversial reality star Mike Gunner spectacularly crashed and burned after they tied the knot on the latest season of Married At First Sight.

But it seems Heidi Latcham has well and truly moved on from her heartbreak.

Speaking on her radio show, SeaFM’s BarRat & Heidi, the 38-year-old confessed she had a secret admirer – and she is thrilled about it.

“Yesterday I got a phone call. Some of the ladies [at work] called me and there was a big karfuffle and they said ‘Oh my God, oh my God, you’ve got a bunch of flowers delivered.’ And I said ‘that’s beautiful,'” she explained.

“And they said ‘There’s also a card’ and I said, ‘Oh I’m so excited!'”

Heidi said she loved the surprise gift, and while keeping coy on the exact details of what was written in the card, she likened the situation to a rom-com.

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Heidi and Mike (pictured) tied the knot on MAFS before their romance imploded (Image: Getty Images)

“Inside the card was a card that read ‘To the vivacious Miss Latcham’ and then it reads beautiful words, I’m not going to read them out because they’re private,” she said.

“Beautiful notes inside the card and amazing bunch of flowers which I love.”

However, making things tricky for Heidi to set up a date is the mysterious identity of her admirer, who apparently paid a stranger $20 to deliver the gift.

“They wanted it to be more romantic and more like those Meg Ryan/ Tom Hanks movies!” Heidi exclaimed to her co-host.

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The romantic gift is a stark contrast to her “husband” Mike’s treatment of her during the dating show.

In one of his most infamous moments, Mike told Heidi he “wasn’t her therapist” and admitted he was “bored” as she revealed heartbreaking details about her upbringing in public housing during their honeymoon.

Last week, NW exclusively revealed that Heidi had embarked on a “revenge romance” with Dr Chris Brown after being introduced by a mutual friend.

“It’s still early days, but word is they’ve been on a few sneaky dates while she’s been down in Sydney visiting Cam and Jules,” an insider divulges.

No word yet as to whether Chris is the mystery man sending Heidi flowers, but we’ll keep you posted!

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