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”He was Facetiming her during filming!” MAFS star Bryce Ruthven’s secret girlfriend exposed

Melissa is hit with another bombshell about her husband Bryce.
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It’s only week two and Married At First Sight groom Bryce Ruthven has already ruffled more than his fair share of feathers.

First, his wife Melissa Rawson found out he broke up with his fiancee just six months before entering the social experiment, then he admitted he wasn’t sure if he’d even approach her in a bar if they were strangers in real life.

But what Melissa, 31, would perhaps be most dumbfounded to learn is that Bryce, also 31, may have been seeing someone else before filming the show!

Talking to Woman’s Day, a source close to the production says Bryce was seeing a girl for around “three to four months” after he called off his engagement and even confided in a MAFS contestant about her during a boozy dinner party!

Talking to Woman’s Day, a source close to the production says Bryce was seeing a girl for around “three to four months” after he called off his engagement!

(Image: Channel Nine)

“He told them he had been seeing a girl before production started,” says the source.

While the incident is said to have occurred off-camera, Bryce was a little more indiscreet about things during a night out with the grooms.

“He was texting her,” the source claims.

“And at one point he even FaceTimed her.”

The well-placed insider says Bryce attempted to downplay the seriousness of the relationship they had, however rumours that this woman was his girlfriend ran rife around the MAFS production as he tried to return to Canberra in the middle of filming to see her!

“He wanted to go to her 30th birthday party,” the spy tells Woman’s Day.

“It was happening during a break in filming but when he asked the producers they flat out refused.”

Bryce has already landed in hot water after admitting to his “wife” Melissa that he wouldn’t pick her up in a bar.

(Image: Channel Nine)

After Bryce’s attempts failed, the source says he still managed to make his presence known to her.

“He went and brought her a present and sent it off to her,” the insider adds.

The bombshell is the latest in a series of revelations to come from the controversial radio presenter, who experts oddly paired with shy government worker Melissa, who had never been on a date before.

Speaking to Woman’s Day recently, Melissa said the TV marriage was the first relationship she’s had since she was 19.

“I just want someone who’s honest and will make me laugh,” she says.

On the show, Bryce reveals he ended the engagement to his now ex-fiancee Lana after five years of dating when he realised “she wasn’t the right person”.

Joanne’s secret crush from 2020 cast!

Mum-of-three Joanne’s main reason for going on MAFS was to find a father figure for her boys, with the experts partnering her up with 44-year-old prestige car company owner James.

But when Woman’s Day asked the Victorian-based barber, 39, who her ideal man was, she enthusiastically responded with none other than 2020 Married At First Sight groom Josh Pihlak!

“Oh my god, Josh all the way,” she says.

“He is so, so hot.”

And despite the Newcastle truck driver, 29, getting the villain edit when his relationship with Cathy Evans turned sour last year, it’s clear whose side Joanne was on.

“I think Cathy brought out the worst in him in the end,” she explains.

The 39-year-old mum thinks 2020 MAFS star Josh Pihlak is “so, so hot”.

(Credit: Channel Nine/Instagram)

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