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When 15 minutes of fame pays off: These are the most successful MAFS stars of all time

They're laughing all the way to the bank!
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When it comes to launching a successful media career, everyday Aussies who go on Married At First Sight roll the dice.

The majority of contestants ride their 15 minutes of fame before eventually fading back into obscurity.

Then there are the “villains” who quickly become the most talked-about people in the country, before being spat back out and deal with the struggle of finding steady work.

But a tiny percentage of MAFS stars have gone on to reinvent themselves and capitalise off their brief but powerful stint on reality TV for years to come.

With the opportunity to make literal millions off the most controversial dating show on TV, who can blame them?

Keep scrolling to see the the most successful MAFS stars.

Jules Robinson is still as loved by viewers as she was three years ago.

(Image: Instagram)

Jules Robinson

It’s not just wins in the media and business that Jules has enjoyed since appearing on MAFS‘ sixth season. With a happy marriage to husband Cam Merchant and a gorgeous son in tow, it’s easy to argue Jules is the most successful of all.

But aside from her picture-perfect family life, Jules – who has a whopping 755,000 Instagram followers – has managed to extend her 15 minutes of fame and turn it into a lucrative business.

In 2020, the former hairdresser launched her own line of shapewear, Figur that celebrates body positivity.

“It is really important to me that Figur isn’t about making people feel as skinny as humanly possible, it is about accentuating your curves, showing off your shape and feeling great within your skin,” she told News Corp of her venture.

Jules’ relatable and candid experiences with weight loss have opened many doors for her outside of shapewear. In August 2021, the season six contestant was announced as an ambassador for Jenny Craig.

“I was 10 months postpartum in August and felt ready to make a commitment to regain control of my health, so I approached Jenny Craig and never looked back,” she said of her partnership.

Season six’s Martha is a successful beauty guru.

(Image: Instagram)

Martha Kalifatidis

She may have been dubbed Jessika Power’s villainous sidekick on MAFS season six, but Martha Kalifatidis is certainly having the last laugh now.

Since leaving the show, Martha has not just solidified herself as a successful influencer, she’s also become a bona fide beauty guru who regularly rubs shoulders with Sydney’s elite.

In November 2021, Martha was announced as as the latest Australian ambassador for popular fast fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing and had reportedly already signed a five-figure deal with the e-commerce brand in February 2021.

Martha and Michael Brunelli got engaged in 2021.

(Image: Instagram)

Martha, who is engaged to co-star Michael Brunelli, rakes in thousands of dollars per sponsored post for beauty and wellness, activewear, shopping apps and makeup brands – all while receiving a truckload of free products every day.

“I’m a beauty influencer who probably makes your yearly wage in a month. So, you should probably take some notes because this is not a fluke,” she said during her stint on Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2021.

Although Martha did not reveal the exact figure she charges for branded content, it’s estimated she makes between $2580 and $4300 for a single sponsored post.

In December 2021, Martha’s media career took off even further with the launch of her own beauty podcast named Swipe Up, alongside her best friend Roj Torabi.

“The best part about this podcast is that there are no rules. We say what we want, we do what we want and no one is stopping us. There is no brief and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me!” Martha said of her exciting project.

Domenica is fast becoming one of MAFS‘ most profitable influencers.

(Image: Instagram)

Domenica Calarco

It hasn’t been long since leaving the show, but season nine star Domenica Calarco is already on the way to solidifying herself as one of MAFS‘ most profitable and successful stars.

In April 2022, the makeup artist signed with top celebrity agent SF Management, who represents the likes of Karl Stefanovic and Phoebe Burgess.

“They think she is going to be a huge star, bigger than Martha Kalifatidis and Abbie Chatfield,” an insider told Daily Mail. “She’s been chatting to radio executives in hopes of talking them into giving her a job.”

Domenica attended several shows at Afterpay Australia Fashion Week alongside Ella Ding – securing her title as Australia’s next big influencer.

The 29-year-old, who boasts 559,000 Instagram followers, revealed during a TikTok that she also has her sights set on starting her own makeup line and that she “can’t wait to do makeup tutorials” and reach out to her fans.

Domenica told Woman’s Day in late March that her dream job would be “hosting my own radio show”, adding that she’d also love to “work for a major beauty brand”.

By May 2022, Domenica had landed a major brand collaboration; a rite of passage with any ex reality star wanting to make it big on social media.

The season nine star partnered with online clothing outlet Showpo to curate a selection of 50 pieces called the “Domenica Calarco X Showpo edit.”

“It is very exciting and I am beyond thrilled to have partnered with such a great brand like Showpo. Being such a lover of fashion, it is certainly a ‘pinch me’ moment,” Dom told News Corp of her partnership.

Showpo CEO Jane Lu added: “Showpo asked who the next face of the campaign should be, with an influx of comments and DM’s from customers saying Dom.”

Now that’s star power!

Al has received interest from talent agents in the UK.

(Image: Instagram)

Al Perkins

Another season nine star poised to make it big is Al Perkins, the lovable goofball famous for his shoeys and unassuming nature.

Since filming wrapped, the 25-year-old carpenter has already amassed a whopping 265,000 followers.

But it’s not just local fame Al is reaping the benefits of. After the show aired overseas, UK viewers fell just as in love with Al as us Aussies did.

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British talent management companies and casting producers in London have since been trying to secure Al for future reality shows.

“Al is made for reality TV and a natural fit for most UK shows, where there’s big money to be made,” a British casting producer told Yahoo.

“It’d be great to try to get him some kind of cameo on Geordie Shore where he could teach the gang ‘shoeys’ and how Aussies party, and Celebs Go Dating bosses are also interested in potentially signing him for a future season.”

We’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Al on our screens!

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