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New romances, international reality shows, OnlyFans and job losses: What is the MAFS season 9 cast up to now?

They're certainly cashing in!
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It feels like it was just yesterday that we watched our favourite (and not so favourite) Married At First Sight season nine stars go head-to-head at the reunion dinner party.

And while the finale episodes may have aired less than three months ago, the cast of one of the most controversial MAFS seasons to date have kept very busy since returning to their new-normal.

Some contestants are reaping the benefits of their newfound fame with club appearances, brand deals and contracts with Australia’s top talent managers.

Meanwhile, others are struggling to find steady work and have spent the past couple of months reinventing themselves.

Keep scrolling to see what season nine’s biggest names are up to now.

Ella will star in the upcoming season of British reality show Made in Chelsea.

(Image: Instagram)

Ella Ding

Since emerging as a fan favourite from season nine, Ella Ding has gone from strength to strength.

While she still technically lives in Melbourne, Ella has been spending most of her time in Sydney since the show finished airing.

The 28-year-old has formed a solid friendship group in Sydney with Brent Vitiello, best friend Domenic Calarco, Jack Millar, Al Perkins and Selina Chhaur.

With more opportunities for her growing career, Ella – who boasts nearly 600,000 Instagram followers – revealed she is moving to Sydney “in the next few months.”

In an exclusive chat with Now To Love in June, Ella said she’s keen to get back on TV.

“I hate spiders. I jump out of my car if there’s a jumping spider, but you overcome your fear [on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!]. That’s what I’d do,” she revealed.

Ella is keeping very busy with her and Domenica’s hugely successful podcast Sit With Us, which they launched in May.

In August, it was announced Ella would be joining the popular British reality show Made In Chelsea.

The the following month, Ella revealed she’s working on launching her own health and wellness app, which will be available for download later this year.

“So what I’m launching guys, it’s an app, which is wild,” she said. “It’s so surreal to even like say that out loud because I’ve been working on it and there’s been so much work going into it – to actually finally be able to say it is crazy.

Domenica partnered with popular sexual wellness brand Vush.

(Image: Instagram)

Domenica Calarco

Domenica has already solidified herself as one of the most profitable and successful season Nine MAFS stars.

In April, the makeup artist signed with top celebrity agent SF Management, who represents the likes of Karl Stefanovic and Phoebe Burgess.

“They think she is going to be a huge star, bigger than Martha Kalifatidis and Abbie Chatfield,” an insider told Daily Mail Australia.

“She’s been chatting to radio executives in hopes of talking them into giving her a job.”

The 29-year-old also revealed in a TikTok that she also has her sights set on starting her own makeup line.

Dom and Ella travelled around Italy together in August.

(Image: Instagram)

“I can’t wait to do makeup tutorials. I cannot wait to engage with you I can’t wait to see what you guys want to see on my Instagram,” she said.

She’s already put her fame to good use by creating and selling merch emblazoned with her famous line: “My body, my choice, b–tch”. Twenty percent of all sale proceeds have gone to NSW and Queensland flood victims.

In June, Domenica announced she’s relaunching her highly-publicised OnlyFans page. Her revamped account will be “PG” and feature her day-to-day activities like work-outs and makeup routines.

Aside from keeping busy with her and Ella’s podcast, Domenica is rumoured to have been offered $50,000 to take part in the 2023 season of Celebrity Apprentice – truly making her a household name!

In August, Domenica enjoyed a brief romance with an Italian man she met during her whirlwind European holiday.

However, after a few weeks Domenica announced she and the mystery man – whom she referred to as Mr Napoli – had split up.

“My summer romance hasn’t played out how I guess I wanted it to play out,” Domenica said on her and Ella’s podcast. “As much as I want to say everything and talk about everything, I think there are certain details of this thing that I wanna keep private.”

Brent is now dating model Taylor Davey.

(Image: Instagram)

Brent Vitiello

Since the show, Brent has remained close to Domenica, Ella, Jack and Selina; though he gained a best mate for life in Al Perkins.

The pair have created a joint TikTok channel where they regularly keep fans updated with their hilarious antics.

In April, Brent and Al accompanied Ella to her hometown of Melbourne where they spent time with her mother Belinda.

Then in early May, Brella (as they’re affectionally known now) went on a romantic couple’s getaway to far north Queensland.

Ella, Brent and Al have remained close.

(Image: Instagram)

Ella revealed she and Brent shared a kiss while at their hotel, saying: “I just grabbed his face,” with Brent adding: “It just happened.”

Despite the obvious chemistry between Brent and Ella, it seems they’re just friends nowadays.

Aside from regular nightclub appearances and brand sponsorships, Brent is currently training for a celebrity boxing match against rival groom Daniel Holmes.

The pair, who will square off in October, have already begun the trash-talk, with Brent saying: “I’ll keep it classy, I’ve still got a business and stuff to run but we’ll talk in the ring. He can take all the steroids in the world he wants to take.”

In late August, Brent confirmed he is no longer single after being spotted picking up his Australian model girlfriend, Taylor Davey, at Sydney Airport. Flowers in hand, Brent was seen kissing the Miss Universe 2020 finalist as they exited the terminal.

Fans became suspicious of their relationship after Brent posted a photo to Instagram of himself and Taylor posing in front of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in June, despite making no comment on their relationship at the time.

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Olivia Frazer

Season nine’s resident villain has had a rough trot since MAFS wrapped up.

Olivia revealed in March that she’d lost her job “as a direct result of the show”, but is now trying to get back into the work force.

“I think the backlash has died down, but having Instagram back I’m seeing [negative] comments and stuff… but I feel my skin is getting thicker. I’ve had a few job interviews, that haven’t gone the best – but that’s okay,” she said in May.

“Every interview I’ve done has been fair, and I’ve had the interview based on my resume and merits, and I think I should have a job based on my skills and accomplishments.”

Olivia and Jackson broke up in August.

(Image: Instagram)

Olivia said becoming a teacher is still her “ultimate goal”, but that she doesn’t “know how to go into a classroom right now.”

After the show wrapped, Olivia’s onscreen partner Jackson Lonie moved to the NSW Central Coast to live with her. But in late May, Olivia’s relationship with Jackson was rocked after he was filmed kissing another woman on a night out in Melbourne.

Jackson publicly apologised for his infidelity and the couple vowed to stick it out.

However in August, the couple announced they’d broken up but vowed to remain friends with each other.

“We’re adults. We had an adult conversation about how the relationship wasn’t working for either of us and we both came to the resolution that splitting up was the only thing left to do,” she said.

But of course, the biggest development in Olivia’s life since the show wrapped is her successful foray into OnlyFans. She’s raking in big bucks to share intimate content, and is even in the top 0.02% of performers on the site.

Olivia has remained close with co-stars Sam Moitzi, Tamara Djordjevic and Jess Seracino.

(Image: Instagram)

Tamara Djordjevic

Since being sensationally dumped by Brent in the final vows, Tamara has gone on to form her own post-MAFS friendship circle.

Tamara regularly hangs out with Olivia, Jackson, Samantha Moitzi, Kate Laidlaw, Jess Seracino and of course rumoured beau Mitch Eynaud.

However in April, Tamara cleared up speculation that she and Mitch are now dating, saying they’re just “really good friends”.

“And I wanna set the record straight by saying that we actually only became friends months after filming had aired,” she said in an Instagram Q&A.

Tamara slammed Brent, claiming he hasn’t stopped talking about her since the show finished in March.

“I understand that Brent has gone and spoken as much rubbish as he can about me,” she said.

Tamara is now an influencer.

(Image: Instagram)

In early May, Tamara and her MAFS gang enjoyed a wild, boozy party to celebrate her 30th birthday.

In a video from the well-documented party, the former co-stars were seen getting rowdy on a party bus as they made their way out to a club.

“I hate Katy Perry’s music!” Tamara screamed out while the pop singer’s hit Teenage Dream blasted throughout the bus.

Meanwhile, Tamara’s influencer career is slowly taking off.

The 30-year-old, who boasts 110,000 Instagram followers, attended Afterpay Australia Fashion Week, where she was seen rubbing shoulders with fellow reality stars.

Jack Millar

Jack is another star who’s been thriving since filming wrapped! After sparking romance rumours in June, Jack and Love Island alum Courtney Stubbs couldn’t be more loved-up.

Interestingly, the pair actually met inadvertently through Jack’s ex Domenica! Courtney revealed in a Q&A that she was introduced to Jack at the launch of Domenica’s clothing collection with retailer Showpo.

In late September, Courtney and Jack filmed a TikTok explaining in detail just how their relationship came to be, explaining that they both met each others’ parents very early on.

“I saw Courtney as I walked in and I was like “hot damn”,” Jack said of meeting Courtney at Dom’s event.

Jack is now dating Love Island star Courtney Stubbs.

(Image: Instagram)

“He basically tried to talk to me the whole night and found any excuse to talk to me,” Courtney added.

After the event was over, Jack wasted no time in messaging Courtney to ask how long she was in Sydney for and if they could see each other again.

As far as his professional life goes, Jack appears to be one of the only season nine contestants to return to his day job post-MAFS.

The 27-year-old regularly shares photos and videos of himself in his Sydney office where he works in the corporate finance sector.

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